Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pay It Forward: KZ Originals

Available from Stop wasting your money on, napkins, paper towels, etc...Instead join the "green" force and help save our Mother Earth. 4 double sided quality Flanny Naps. Blue, Gray, White Stripes. Great for: Dinner time; Pack one in your child's lunch; Keep one in the car for those emergency spills; Take it with you to the gym, to wipe your face while working out; Keep one handy by your favorite chair where you rock your little one. You never know when you may need a burp cloth.-Also great for cleaning use.

I think it is time to tell you about my new friend.

Her name is Karen.

Karen didn't win the Giveaway we had a couple weeks ago.

Since Karen's story of Betsy is now in my shop, I wanted to share with her, something from me. My kind of thank you - stuff. In fact, I tried to send her something and she said, "no thank you".

I believe in the idea that if you do something good for someone, and you will get something good in return. Big Boy actually said that to Little Man a couple days ago - I couldn't have been more proud.

Please, take a couple minutes to check out Karen's shop here and her blog right here. You won't be disappointed.

Although I talk about ETSY.COM in almost every single post, I want to remind you all that even if you don't buy from me or Karen, please support Etsy. As you look at your gift lists, take 20 minutes to browse through Etsy. The items are unique and affordable. They will often come wrapped for free, sellers will send directly to your recipient if you ask, artists will do about anything to get your business. You will even get a hand written note of thanks...and you won't waste a drop of gasoline.

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kzoriginals said...

Carrie, Is A wonderful person! It has been great getting to know you! Thanks so much for the wonderful post! :)

T H A N K Y O U !!