Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yes, It's All About the Snow

Finally, our first snow season where both boys enjoy it.

And there is a tennis ball under that is not yellow snow.

Hope you are out and playing in the snow!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Moon Lawn

As much as I love a fresh, flat even coat of snow, this is better.

It's smooth and entrancing.

The dips and shapes of the snow give texture even on the coldest of days.

It fills me with the wonder of what had been.

It hides imperfections.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Night Goodnight Show

This blog seems to be bordering on a parenting blog more so than a craft and art blog. So be it.
It also appears that I only have one child when that couldn't be more wrong. It just so happens that the older boy is less interested in my photo taking and home less than this little man.

Last Friday night, while Sam was at soccer practice, O and I were watching Sprout. They had a tambourine craft that O thought was the cat's pajamas. Although he didn't say 'cat's pajamas', it was more, "that's totally awesome, I wish I had one". That was enough for this mom that shot up from that comfy couch to make a craft.

A pantry without beans, still held these rice macaroni that I bought before I found Tinkyada pasta. This stuff needs to soak and cook for what seems to be a full day. They are cheap, though. But not cheap enough to taste acceptable. So...two plates, something to make noise and a stapler. I was informed by a wide eyed boy that I was supposed to use glue to seal the tambourine. Ah...he was paying attention. After he realized he couldn't play with it until the next day, the staples were just fine.

His own decorating makes my heart go putter patter.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) this tambourine and the one the big guy made after he came home from soccer practice, haven't been touched since that night.

And for anyone with a good eye...the cloth that O is resting his tambourine on in the last picture was the very first loom woven item I made. It is a sampler shawl made on a table loom in college. Oh...I remember the beginning of my obsession with weaving with fond memories.

Now, if I would just get off this computer and dress the loom that hasn't been touched in over a year!

Friday, February 5, 2010


Gluten Free Bread.
Gluten Free Bread in a Crockpot.
Crisp brown edges.
Like real bread.
(In a crockpot), must always remember to...

coat your vessel with oil or cooking spray.

I didn't mind, it made if feel rustic and homemade. And it was amazing. I ate half of it (or more) the first day. I have one little chunk left for tonight after the kiddos go to bed, because that's my idea of a fantastic Friday night!

I've talked about this bread before right here if you want the specifics. And here is her direct link to 365 Days of Crockpotting

Oh, and all the stuck on-broke off bits, well that makes a great bread crumb or stuffing addition.

There is a new recipe I'm going to try soon for olive bread - from scratch. I'm sure you'll see it here.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Story Time

You may think these pictures are no big deal.

O was sitting on my lap reading me a story. I couldn't get over how adorable his little hands were, especially with that scorpion ring.

He sat on my lap and read this story.

Yes, it is a blank story.

But it was the best story I had heard in days.

I need to remember that it is these little moments that will never happen again and to enjoy them and not to try and get him off my lap so that I can do my work.

Blank stories are the many possibilities.