Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back at It

Finally getting the yarn needle moving.  I've had all the parts to this bag done for some time now, just waiting to be assembled.

If it wasn't for a boy, a puppy, or the heat, this would be ready for delivery.

The clouds are moving in, it's a great night to work.

Monday, August 5, 2013

The Fourteen Minute Camping Experience

We went camping this weekend. 

Well, kind of.  I was so thrilled with myself.  Not only did I pack the entire camper, all the food and clothes, but I even cleaned the house before we left.   It was great.  I packed food for the less than two hour drive to Cayuga Lake State Park.

When we arrived, upon check in, we learned of a massive rain storm the park got earlier that morning that flooded many sites.  As we drove to ours, we were happy to find mostly dry land and a very wooded site...our favorites.

The boys were anxious to get to crafting and setting up and getting the fire going.  Tom and I unfurled the canopy and Tom cranked open the pop up camper. fell.  Well, more like crashed.  The whole roof fell straight down.

What a disappointment.  The boys weren't very happy.
Frustration was high. 

But, we looked on the bright side...we weren't in the Adirondacks or somewhere far away and mostly, we weren't inside the camper when the roof fell.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hazy Evening

Week 3.5 at the pool gave a creepy haze over the 7:00 PM sun.  One boy in swim lessons and one splashing away doing tricks.

I was grateful not to have to wear my sunglasses.  As much as I love them, they don't fit correctly.  If I look down, they fall off.  A normal person would take them back to the optical store I purchased them from and have them adjusted.

You see, I went to the wrong place.  I tried the new Stanton Optical on the Boulevard.  They have a wonderful selection of frames and a lovely optometrist and the building is orange, but that's where the joy ends.

The staff is horrible.  The workmanship is rotten.  The sunglasses were late and had a stress fracture in one lens.  My new frames had a stress fracture in the lens.  My new lenses in my old frames were not sitting in the frames correctly.  Every single pair needed fixing.

Too make a long story short, they stink.  The people working there seemed to make excuses and blame other things for their incompetence,  I was treated as if these were my first pair of glasses.

Don't go there.  

For me, I really need the sunglasses adjusted, I shouldn't avoid Stanton out of spite and I can't have my glasses falling in the pool every time I answer the call, "Mom, watch this."