Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Old Time Amusement

Do you know that feeling when you get a great deal?
The euphoria of saving more money than spent?
Finding a gem in a world of mud?
I dragged the kids to Olcott Beach on Sunday. It was a long drive as we had several stops on the way. We were even stopped by a parade.
When we arrived, we got to the Beach and it was closed. Who closes a beach? I understand the no swimming type of closure, but the gate was closed. Closed.
I fought off the whines and whimpers of a closed beach. Then, we turned our bodies in another direction and found this place.
A place with fresh fun. Few people. But plenty to smile about. This little corral had six kiddo rides, rocking chairs to rest upon and ice cream to enjoy.
The best part, though. Each ride was only 25 cents. No gimmicks, no minimums. And, if your child was crying, they stopped the ride. Where else can you get (all volunteer) service like that for a mere quarter.
25 cents.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A New Addition

This is what a monster purse looks like fresh out of the bath. He needs a shave, for sure. Add in a couple shaping episodes and perhaps a highlight or two.

He appears to have a lazy eye, which is quite unfortunate for him. He can compensate by showing off his horns.

I'd estimate his appearance in the shop in less than a week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flat Breads (Kind of)

Gluten free baking is hard. There are many things that can go wrong. Slight variations can compromise the entire batch.

Last night was pizza night. I've talked about this before and I told you I found my crust, which I did, Chebe. However, as I was making my dough last night, I was missing the oregano-pizza smell. I realized I opened and successfully mixed a bag of bread dough instead of pizza dough. Not a big deal, but disappointing. Why are both bags green? Help me, Chebe, how about blue?

So after I made my crust, which came out just as well as the pizza mix, I decided to try the Savory Chips. I made mistakes. I didn't add onion to the mix, I used a full egg as wash, not just the whites, and I only had poppy seeds. Thought I had onion flakes at least. Then I put my poppy and onion powder on before the egg wash. Eee gads. But, for the love of Chebe, they came out.

They are delicious (unfortunately I thought plastic wrap would be sufficient and today they are on the stale side).

Now...how do I use these in my daily or party repertoire. I bet they would be delicious with cinnamon sugar instead of the savory spices.

Thanks Chebe!

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Trick for Old Head

You have seen pictures like this from me. Over the head at the kitchen table, usually with paint. This time, it is different. Any ideas?

No, not the newspaper vs. the more common plastic bag ripped in half.

No, not the fact that there are pigs and cats and not paper.

Give up?

Check out the paint, kids. Solid colors. Multiple colors but not GRAY BROWN BEIGE concoction that comes with too many pretty colors of paint on the same plate. This momma learned her lesson. Don't get me wrong, anything made by my kids is genius, however, the GRAY BROWN BEIGE color is starting to overpower my home and head.

Trick: One paint color, one tray, one at a time. When pink was done, I rinsed off the plates and brushes and went to the next color. My other key, no longer a need for a rinse bucket that becomes it's own media, Soggy everything.

I know, not brain surgery (or PharmD studies), but it feels like the last frontier. I figured out how to make painting and creating fun for them, and more importantly, fun for me.

The gifts were enjoyed just as any other, but this time, no one had to get past that tragic color.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Garden Walk

I'm not a big fan of butterflies as a motif, but I can't stop looking at this leaf in the top middle of the picture. This is a Forest Pansy Redbud tree from my boys as a Mother's Day present. I can't wait to see how it blossoms and grows.

Weed or flower...

It's all beautiful.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Win a Free Cargo Bike

Are you kidding me with this bike? What a ride! I do have a super cool bike already, but this is a whole different egg.

It even has seatbelts. Of course, I'd rather carry flowers and garage sale finds.

Roger - The Not So Jolly Pirate

I like this guy, but getting that nose ring in was a very unsterile procedure.
He was inspired by "Whale Wars" on National Geographic channel.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Where O Where Are You Tonight?

Hello All.

I have been away. Appears that I have blogitis every couple months. Blogitis is the feeling of nothing interesting to post, accompanied with lack of photographs and a computer with issues.

Today, I have a sick child at home with Strep and one that appears to be in the clear, but since I am posting this, tomorrow, he too will be ill.

We are in transition state. Tom's classes and exams are over and we can settle in to some Tom time. That, however will change as he hopes to work full time this summer at the Pharmacy. Here comes the anxiety. Two boys, one long summer. A mom with a full time job in a summer with no air conditioning. I'm scared. I get mean when I am hot and annoyed.

I'm trying not to think about it, but my piercing headache is reminding me daily. Just get through it. I keep saying this and although I will get through, I will also plow through a summer without enjoying it.

Went for a blood draw yesterday. My doctor tested for Celiac. Interesting. So I keep thinking that maybe I don't really have Celiac. Looking forward to hearing those results.

Monster purses are selling well. Can't seem to keep them in the shop. I have Frank on the drying station. After drying he goes to the monster salon for grooming. I'll keep you posted.

I appreciate every comment I get, thank you. It means a lot to know I am not just writing to some guy named Blogger.