Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gluten or Gluten Free?

Tuesday night is Pizza Night. When I was a kid, it was Thursday, which was payday for my Dad. Tuesday is just a day that deserves pizza.

Our pizza night used to be Wednesday night. We would get a gluten free pizza from Pizza Plant on Transit (gluten free Wednesday night only). That pizza started to get more and more expensive. The last time I went, with tax, a medium pizza with pepperoni was $15.82. Every bite the non-gluten freers took, I could hear the cash register dinging.

I made a couple crusts myself from mixes which were fine, but I had to get out the stand mixer, dust it off, find the right paddle, roll it out with saran wrap - all just too much for a Wednesday night.

We moved on to Amy's Rice Crust Cheese Pizza. This was comparable in taste and size to the Pizza Plant pizza, yet $4.99. That was a deal. I'd decorate it with what ever was left in the refrigerator. That price slowly climbed to $5.99, then $6.49, then $6.99. When I next paid attention to the price, last week, it was $8.99. For a cheese pizza on a rice crust. Rice.

I went back to a mix, this time Chebe Pizza mix. The first time I made it, the crust was a little too chewy for my taste. Then, I tried it thinner, and am in love. It is fairly easy to make with oil, egg and milk. Mixed with my pastry blender and hands, rolled out and baked. No extra flour to roll it with, no saran wrap, just good old rolling pin. It made two pies the same size as the Amy's for $2.39. Yes, I added egg, oil, milk, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni, but I was adding extra cheese and pepperoni to Amy's anyway.

If you are still reading...why? This is a really boring post.

Can you guess which is the pizzeria gluten vs. the gluten free?

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Anonymous said...

yes i am reading and riveted ... which as much as i love you and care about what is happening with your life reinforces the fact that i need to get going on getting going!
there is a chance i am down in the dumps...

i make a pizza crust with a couple cups of flour, salt and yeast- not sure how much that comes out to but if I pick the right toppings it totally rocks..... i am cheese free these days... so i add tons of garlic.

are we heading out soon?