Friday, April 3, 2009

Garage Living

Yup, we will create anywhere. It is amazing how the same tools and activity becomes new and exciting with a simple change of venue.

The weather is becoming more friendly to little fingers and cheeks, the sun stays awake longer and I don't fight with the basket of gloves and hats and scarves every time we want to go outside.

Spring is good. The boys still ask, "Is that it? Am I all set to go?" with this confused tone while only wearing shoes and a light jacket.

Before our new neighbors moved in, the house across the street was occupied by an elderly couple that had transformed their garage into a living room. Complete with artwork, carpeting, television (very loud) and a screen door to replace the garage door.

When we first moved in, I thought it was a little odd and disruptive with the television. Why hang out in the garage, when you have a backyard or a family room? My family never parked a car in the garage. It was a storage shed. Not a living space.

But now I know. The garage is a gathering place for creativity, friends and a shelter from the rain in between puddle jumping.

It's okay to spend time in there, a change of scenery. Just don't disturb the neighbors with blasting the Wheel of Fortune. I'll help you get a Miracle Ear.

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