Sunday, June 29, 2008

I...AM...A...ROBOT! (and customer #1 Yay!)

Look at that super happy robot! Sam's party was great and he did smile. I got a little nervous at the 20 minute mark when none of the kids wanted to play all the cool (I thought) games I had organized. I started to imagine another hour and 40 minutes, kids in my closet, kids in the trees, kids shoving cupcakes into each others hair. They all made their shirts in 5 minutes or less, which I had thought 15 minutes at the minimum, the bean bag toss lasted 2.6 minutes and the sponge race became, 'see how wet you can get by wringing the sponge out over your head'. And no way was I giving them snacks or candy or cupcakes until 20 minutes prior to departure. So, 'Tom' pitched in. All the kids called him Tom, not sure why they are so casual about that, but Tom let them chase him while throwing the bean bags at him, the kids jumped on him and hid from him. I would venture to say that Tom had just as much fun as the kids did. Thanks, Tom!

The day before the party, Wash My Cloth received their first sale! It was a bath tower and it went to a fellow Etsian (is that right? Etsy-an?) and it was relieving. I was just starting to doubt myself (again). Although there has been nothing since, I feel a bit better and am starting to figure out how to keep my items at the top of all the search lists. That package went out that very same night.

Here is a picture of a stencil I made for the kids at the party.

After my fourth robot, I got bored and made some rocket ships, flowers, fish, an elephant, and a dragonfly. I used freezer paper, following instructions from here. I guess freezer paper isn't only for freezing meat these days. In fact, on the list of uses of freezer paper by Reynolds, wrapping meat is third from the bottom of at least 12 uses, this stencil idea being the first. In short, you trace a picture or draw directly onto the paper and cut it out, iron on to a pre-washed (no fabric softener) t-shirt. I also ironed on a piece to the inside front of the shirt to prevent bleeding of the paint through the shirt and onto the work surface (this worked GREAT). Then, let the kids use fabric paint and fill in the cut out. There are plenty of fabric paints out there, or pick up a bottle of Fabric Medium which makes a fabric paint out of any standard acrylic craft paint you may have on hand. I found some neat spray fabric paint in shimmery silver (not recommended for the kids to use) that looked fantastic on the dark t-shirts.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mr. Sam

He doesn't really know why I call him Mister. I guess because I can't believe how big he has grown, becoming a little man. Happy Birthday, buddy!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Rest

I wish I were there.
Instead, getting ready for a busy weekend chock full of a birth day, a birthday party with 11 five year olds (I know, I am crazy), a wedding and hopefully a visit to see precious Baby Julia.
You may have wondered what I was up to, but I finally (mostly) finished the two blankets. One for the wedding on Saturday (completely finished, yet to be wrapped) and this one above for the shop (just needs short hand stitching). I ordered some labels from a gal on etsy and hoped they would be in before the wedding (thinking not) so that I could attach one. About the blankets. Big. Really big. They would make perfect - and I mean perfect - picnic blankets for the couple that has everything. The inspiration - the two person blanket (I need a catchy name, anyone?) to share with another and never see your toes.
I have also been working on a Sam inspired blanket. Sam is often making our blankets into dresses (I know, I know) or capes. So, I designed (am continually designing and changing) a blanket with a hood, straps to wear as a cape, straps to roll the blanket up (like a sleeping bag) and most especially a secret pocket! They are cute, definitely need some editing and I will need to hide them from Sam, he thinks he is keeping them both. I will show you those as they get more complete.
And most importantly, we are planning a 'Robot - Paint Your Own Shirt' party for Friday. I am desperately coming up with games and activities (not to mention preparing t-shirts and fabric paint) to fill a two hour period at our house. Please, everyone, pray for sun. I am not sure what I would do with that many kids (with paint) in my house. And while you are praying, just think of Tom and how much he would appreciate all the kids being OUTside for the party! I think he is secretly excited for this. He even thought he should make Jiffy Pop on our camping stove for the kids. Cute! I am sure I will have some pics from that day to come as well.
There are some more ideas swirling in my head and getting mixed up with thoughts of my new position/clients at work and making for a thick head. My neighbor laughed at me for not being able to finish a thought on multiple occasions. Guess I am in overload.
Maybe because I am 'pulling a Carrie' as my mom says. That wedding on Saturday - yeah, I have NOTHING to wear. So, I bought a pattern and found an "unidentified content" fabric at WalMart for $1 a yard in steel grey. It is stretchy like those kids pillows that were big a couple years ago, real squishy and silky. Anyway...add that completion to your sun prayer - if you don't mind.
You would think with all the stuff I need to get done, I would be working. Ahhh. That is probably a good idea...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where Am I?

This is June.
Those are my feet (yes, the ones with the beginnings of a summer sandal tan line).
That, is hail.

We were warned, but I didn't imagine they would be THIS big. Our weather this past week was quite crazy, cold, rainy, thunderstorms with a bit of sun and hail mixed in.

It was loud, and bouncy. I have some video footage that I will attempt to post, but it was taken in large format, so it might not upload. In the video you can see the hail balls bouncing a good 2-3 feet after first impact.

Update on my fingers and head...fingers just finished the wedding gift and almost done with Heart Blanquilt (I just made that up - like it?). I also have two Sam' inspired blankcapes (I'm catching on) that need to be finalized - which is what my head is up to. Trying to figure out where Velcro or snaps or secret pockets should go.

This week is going to get crazy. My Sam is turning 5 on Thursday. Wow. Five. It was only yesterday...

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tom never asks for anything for himself when it comes to birthdays or Christmas or any other Hallmark holiday. Except the Fudgie the Whale cake from Carvel. He has asked for this every single Father's Day since Sam was born. Fudgie isn't an easy whale to find. Carvel needs to market a little better and include Fudgie at Wegmans or other grocery stores that are much more accessible to a mom with two kids in tow. And while I am on it...why aren't there drive through stamp machines? I can mail a letter from my car, but I can't purchase a stamp from my car? I am not saying this because I am lazy, I am saying this to save my sanity. If I can do multiple errands in my car with my boys without having to corral them or bribe them, I'll do it. So, back to Fudgie. I had the kids, borrowed my mom for a drive/sit with the kids while I attempted to locate the elusive Fudgie. No luck. I may not have tried THAT hard, since I can't eat Fudgie, and what fun is a whale in the house if you can take a secret nibble here and there? Plan three: brownie Fudgie (plan two involved ice cream, but since there is no 'half gallon hard ice cream drive through', plan two was aborted).

Tom, to a Whale of a Dad. Happy Father's Day, you are a great Father to our boys.

To my Dad, Happy Father's Day, I am proud to be your daughter.

And I must confess to my (extremely overwhelming) sadness of the passing of Tim Russert, Happy Father's Day.

Go hug your Dad.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We Have a Winner

After sifting through the gobs and gobs of responses, we finally have a winner.

Meredith, I am impressed with your "Google-ing" skills.

Thanks for playing!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Guess that Flower: 2nd and Final Chance

This is a perennial, sometimes disguised as annual.
Comes in red, pink, white/pink mix.
And if you can't ring in for that...sugary bill.

First to respond gets a million dollars.

Just kidding, you get a handmade wash towel.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is 'You Old Reptile'?

No, not this picture. This is a project I am working on for the shop and for a wedding gift. I am actually doing three of the similar projects all at once. It isn't taking that much longer. If I measure out (of course not with a measuring stick or tape) a piece, why not cut three of the same? Or tear. I found this great linen on sale at our not so favorite mega fabric store for 60% off. I bought only two shades, cream and beige. I appreciate the crispness of freshly pressed linen juxtaposed with the comforting wrinkled texture of freshly laundered linen.
This is just the center (I know, you are all surprised by the hearts, me too) of the blanket #2. The blanket #1 is for a wedding and thinking about weddings and newlyweds and what Tom and I used to do B.C., (before children) I came up with this blanket. The blanket isn't the concept as much as its size. Tom and I used to sit on the couch, each taking an arm and sharing a blanket. Well, the blanket never seemed to be long enough, so this one will be.

Sewing goes SO much faster than weaving and am really enjoying seeing this blanket grow with each added piece.

I am thinking about my next project for the loom. Any suggestions?

Oh...and the title of the post. The answer is: The name Sam called Tom after Sam was told to clean up his stuffed animals. Classic.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Name that Weed/Flower

Here is a little contest, to get you folks moving. I have my suspicions, but have not "googled" anything yet. If you can correctly identify this plant, I will send you one handmade wash towel. And calling it a "Dr. Suess" will not qualify.


#1: It is not a bulb.

#2: I did not plant it, however, three years ago, wildflower seeds may have been dropped in the vicinity.

#3: It has a neighbor that is shorter, with pale purple flowers of the same shape. This specimen measures about 12 inches tall.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank You!

Whether friend or coworker, acquaintance or random link, relative by blood or marriage, Thank you. I have had so many kind words and well wishes. You and Etsy has renewed my spirit.

It was a long journey to get this set up and it all started when my cousin Jill said, "Have you ever checked out Etsy? You could sell your stuff on there." Those words still ring in my head.

Jill is younger than me and we both have birthdays near each other and so, would often have one of those "shared" birthday parties with the family. Although I am doing it for my boys this year, I remember not being so fond of it. Mostly at that tender age where I wasn't really a 'cute kid' anymore (thanks, Dorothy Hammill, for making moms think that haircut would be perfect on any head), but Jill was still young and cute and had adorable pigtails that would earn 25 cents per pull from our Uncle (an odd story for a time to come). But now, older, I see Jill as the wise one, the catalyst to get me moving. If I didn't know about Etsy, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to compare my work to other work for sale on the world wide market.

So Jill, thank you. Not only did you start this, but you are one of my most consistent readers, and I am not just saying that because we are related.


I received a post on Etsy requesting that I permit this gal to post the link for one of our Bath Towers on her blog. Any published link is a good published link.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hubba Hubba, Ding Ding

I did it! Thanks to all of my (2) readers!!! The SHOP IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS! Come see what I have been up to.

This evening I told Sam I had a lot of stuff to do and he asked what I was working on. I told him about the etsy shop, he asked if he could come to shop at my store. So, join us Sunday at the shop.

A quick thanks to Lisa, Tom and Mom.

>>Big, Deep Sigh<<
Update: I am sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee and trying to relax, yet all I can think about what do I make? what should I put on the loom? another purse? baby item?
>>Big, Deep Sigh and a chuckle<<