Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where Am I?

This is June.
Those are my feet (yes, the ones with the beginnings of a summer sandal tan line).
That, is hail.

We were warned, but I didn't imagine they would be THIS big. Our weather this past week was quite crazy, cold, rainy, thunderstorms with a bit of sun and hail mixed in.

It was loud, and bouncy. I have some video footage that I will attempt to post, but it was taken in large format, so it might not upload. In the video you can see the hail balls bouncing a good 2-3 feet after first impact.

Update on my fingers and head...fingers just finished the wedding gift and almost done with Heart Blanquilt (I just made that up - like it?). I also have two Sam' inspired blankcapes (I'm catching on) that need to be finalized - which is what my head is up to. Trying to figure out where Velcro or snaps or secret pockets should go.

This week is going to get crazy. My Sam is turning 5 on Thursday. Wow. Five. It was only yesterday...

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