Sunday, September 30, 2012

274/366: Pintember in the Toilet

This is the final installment of Pintember.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I found it to be quite a challenge.  I thought when I semi-retired, I'd have more time to do things like this. 

That doesn't seem to be the case.  And that's okay.

There are still a couple Pinterest projects I'd like to complete, and will show you those as I do them.  The Pintember Project was good.  It kept me creative and writing, and not just falling asleep sitting up while watching TV.

So, my toilet project.

Toilet paper rolls, more specifically.

This is a fairly easy project.  I cut about 20 toilet paper rolls into 5 strips.  Then, with my glue gun, I just went to town.  There is no real way to do this, other than just sticking the new pieces where there is a hole.  I turned the flower as I went and eyeballed all of it.

I also didn't measure the width of the cut pieces.  You may be able to see in the photo that the pieces aren't perfect, aren't the same height and are placed randomly.

 I found the painting to be the most challenging.  My spray paint from my animal taxidermy project didn't seem to coat very well.  I used almost an entire can and thought I'd have plenty.  The paint seemed to absorb into the paper.

But, standing back, you really can't tell. 

I think this was a fun project and a good way to end the the toilet!  Ha!

I'm still working the POSTADAY for the remainder of the year, so don't be a stranger.

Thanks for reading Pintember!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

273/366: Pintember Paper

Well, it wasn't a very productive Pinterest day over here.

The boys were playing with a packing form from our new sweeper vac (LOVE IT) and they were making some Lego game up with their minifigures.  I tried to find something fun for them to add to their game, and ended up here...

I want my Mummy!

This was a printable - free.  They hold candy...get the free download for mummy right here!

And they have friends...
Also a printable.

The bird link was broken, so I just saved the picture and printed it from my hard drive.

Here is another link with a bunch of fun printables (including the Halloween candy holders).

Cute stuff.  Obviously, using a cardstock would be much better than regular paper, but since I already had paper and my printer...this craft was free!

Tomorrow is our final day and I feel like the end might be a let down.  We'll see if I can work some magic tomorrow!

Friday, September 28, 2012

272/366: Pintember Booking

It seems that every night when I attempt to tuck my boys in for the night, I am asked for a bookmark.

I love that books are piled at their bedside.  I love that they are reading.

I don't, however, care so much for the "I need a bookmark". is my solution:

This is super easy!  And you are recycling!

We pay our bills on line, but still request paper invoices.  Every paper invoice comes with a return envelope.  This is a great way to use the envelopes with pre-printed addresses.

Just cut off the corner with scissors or a straight-line cutter.


The purple one is just colored with a purple marker.  I added a fun little hat.  The white one has ears (the corners of the envelope).

This is definitely a great craft to do with kids of all ages.

I have a feeling the boys are going to request some envelope corners soon!

Here is the inspiration post...also a really cute idea:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

271/366: Pintember Cleans Again

If you don't succeed, try again, right?


Well, kind of.

If my stove top didn't look like this in the first place:
 This baking soda and hot towel trick for 15 minutes may have worked.

 As you can see, below, it worked, slightly.  What really worked was the benefit of the hot, wet towel on the stove top.  It softened up the rings around the burners.  I then decided that I needed to work the burns with a blade.  And I did.  Much of it came off.

Until I broke the blade.

So I'll show you the bottom corner of our main burner that is now clean! 

I still have the white scratches in the middle of each burner.  Any ideas on how to get rid of those?

Here is the inspiration pin for this 'At Home Remedy':

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

270/366: Pintember Rocks Again

This is one of those projects where it looks so much easier than it really is.

Kind of bummed about that.

I used my favorite Sharpie Oil Based Paint Markers again for this project.
Here is the inspiration pin:

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest


I didn't need to paint my rocks first, this obvioulsy was a big mistake.  Especially on the black one.  The white just doesn't cover the black enough.


I will keep my head up because I tried, and down so I can pick up more rocks!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

269/366: Pintember Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas.

I love decorating for Christmas.  Shiny and sparkly.

We have moved some things around in our home this year, so I'll get to so some different things.

In the meantime, my pal Liz found this pin and I knew I had to try it:

Simple.  Fast.  That's what I love about this craft.

I was worried that the hanger might fall out of between the mirrors, so I tied two knots in the embroidery floss I used.  I added a bit of hot glue to the mirror back and sandwiched the glue and floss with another mirror.

They turned out pretty cute.  Since it's too early to demonstrate on a Christmas tree, here they are on my Christmas cactus:

And because I'm always trying to change the rules, I tried making garland with some.  Actually, I was tired of making the loops.

I cut a length of floss and sandwiched the floss between two mirrors without any knots (first photo).  I didn't space them out exactly, I didn't measure anything.  Just played around with it.

My only concern is that these are pretty heavy with 8 - 10 mirrors, so I made three shorter strands.  I may use these in the tree, or perhaps near a window where the light can bounce off it.

Get making!  These are easy!

A happy 13th Anniversary to my dear husband Tom.  Even he bounced light off a gift card in my eyes today.  Oh the magic!  I love you, Tom!

Monday, September 24, 2012

268/366: Pintember Imagination

Why must you imagine?

I have no pictures available. They are on my camera. The problem is my monitor. It's not happy.

I did get a new monitor today with my PTA coupon! Never thought I would use that. Anyway, it's homework time and I don't have the energy to set up the new monitor.

Today, I harvested more potatoes. It is the best garden crop I planted. I sautéed them in butter, garlic and onions. So good.

Here is a picture on building your own potato crate. I think the reason I did so well with potatoes is because they grow UNDER the ground and I was able to keep them fairly wet.

It may be the only thing I repeat next year!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

267/366: Pintember Spooky

As you know, my boys love the spooky Halloween decorations.

The creepier, the better.

I switched this up a bit, making it take longer, but I'll be able to use it for many years to come.

The pattern is available here.

I tried printing them on cardstock, but my printers black wasn't really solid and the back wasn't black.  I went to the store to purchase some nice scrapbook papers, then decided on stiff felt.

I attached them all together with thread and love how they came out!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

266/366: Pintember-sagna


I think this was the best lasagna that I've made since going gluten free.  And it's an easy one, too.

If you are gluten free, or have bought gluten free lasagna noodles, you know it's a delicate task.  Many of the noodles break before the box is even open.  The ones that don't break in the box, may tear in the pot.

I did quite well boiling today, only two noodles broke in the pot.  Leaving me with about 10 noodles (glory of Gluten Free).

So, I boiled the noodles till they were bendy and very al dente.  Turned off the burner and just let them sit in the water.  I gently removed three noodles and placed them on a clean towel to dry.  The filling was super simple, chopped spinach, ricotta and a couple eggs.

One large scoop of cheese mixture at the end of the noodle, and just roll it up.  I had three or so turns of the noodle on each roll.  (I didn't spread the cheese the length of the noodle, nor did I add sauce as the inspiration post below shows.)

I placed them in a baking dish, with some sauce in the bottom.  Repeat with all the noodles and top with sauce.  Then top that with mozzarella cheese.  Bake at 425 degrees for 25 minutes, or until cheese on top is golden brown and crispy.

This is easy to serve, doesn't seem to fall like my lasagna usually does and you get a lot of noodle in each bite.  That's what I like the best about this lasagna style.  These would freeze well, too, in small portions ready to be reheated.

And the best part?  I didn't hear, "You are the worst cook ever!"  That is a success in my book.

Here is the original inspiration post:

Friday, September 21, 2012

265/366: Pintember Soap

This is cool.

Easiest activity yet!

Ivory soap.  (Even old, rarely used bars work).

Only Ivory soap works for this.  When you put the soap in an operating microwave, the soap and trapped water absorb the microwave energy and heat up. Eventually the water turns to steam. Steam takes up much more volume than the equivalent quantity of liquid water, and this drives the expansion of the soap bar. In addition, the air in the trapped bubbles expands as it is heated, contributing to the expansion.

Cool, right?

This is what Big Boy thought of it:

It is an interesting texture.  Give it a try!  Put your bar on a microwavable plate, 2 minutes should be enough.   Have fun!   Here is the original post:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

264/366: Pintember In Progress

I'm working on stuff. I have one yarn project and one felt project.

But instead of showing you my work, today we are featuring my pal and fellow crafter, GG!

Look what she made for above her infant daughters crib.

I love it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

263/366: Pintember Clay

A little more clay play.

I was inspired by this pin:

I may paint it, or add a pretty red bow.  It's pretty heavy, so as a Christmas ornament, it will have to be deep in the strongest branches of the tree.  I tried using a crumpled ball of foil inside, but could never get the seam right and I always had the foil showing through.

You like?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

262/366: Pintember Wool

As soon as the temperature dropped, the yarn came out.  I've been starting slow, with a mind full of projects that should be made for the shop.

So to get the hook moving, I tried this Mollie Flower Hot Pad.  Here is the inspiration:

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

This one is perfect.  All the yarn lays perfectly and the flowers seem to burst from the work.

But you know what?  I'm not perfect.

Nor will my craft.

I plan on using this at my desk for my coffee.  That is, when I can find a place on my desk to put said coffee.  It's a pile of embarrassment at the moment.
For now, it will hold a candle and make me feel all cozy on this rainy, chilly day.  Perfect day for morning candlelight.

Monday, September 17, 2012

261/366: Pintember BroccoRice

We like broccoli. 

We like rice.

We love cheese.

This was my inspiration for tonight's side dish:

And they came out looking like this:

Nice and crispy on the edge.  Perfect ratio of cheese to rice to broccoli.

It calls for two eggs, which I can usually take if baked into something, but I had two..ahem...three...ahem and a half little muffin things.  And my egg allergy/intolerance is reminding me that I really shouldn't eat so many eggs in one sitting.  Duh!

So be it.  I was feeling cruddy before hand anyway.

The verdict:  Little Man liked them, but since Big Boy did not, Little Man decided to just go with plain broccoli and plain rice (this momma was prepared with both separately).  Tom, eh.  He said they were okay, but won't request them.  Me...I loved them.  It's nice to find different ways to eat your starch and veggies.

I made these to compliment meatloaf.  Which was also not a hit with any of the boys.  Me...I loved it.

I see a trend.  A trend I'm proud of.

I cook what I want to eat.

If anyone wants something different, by all means, cook for us all.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

260/366: Pintember Closet

Sometimes, motivation comes without visual inspiration.

Sometimes, motivation comes from complete embarrassment.

Have you ever looked at the same mess so much that it doesn't look like a mess anymore?

This WAS my closet, in the midst of it's cleansing:

Oh yeah, I gave you full viewing pleasure because the closet isn't the only problem.  It's the bench, and the purses, and the shoes.  Oh the shoes.  We have a big shoe problem in this house.  BIG.

And it's not just me, all of us.  Big Boy wins with the fewest pairs of shoes with 3 pairs.  I threw out 4 pairs of my shoes.  I haven't worn them, they were old and ugly, they are gone.

I donated a bunch of coats, tossed some (with broken parts) and moved some up to the bedroom closet.

Are you ready for the reveal?
Those are my shoes hanging.  Tom's on the bottom shelf and the boys share the box below the plant.
 My purses are all in the closet with my current one hooked on a coat hanger next to my shoes.  I still need to go through the winter hats and gloves, but that's better on cooler days.

So you've seen the cart.  Want to see the inspiration horse?

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Love the yellow inside and purple walls!

I think my hall needs some major color!