Friday, September 28, 2012

272/366: Pintember Booking

It seems that every night when I attempt to tuck my boys in for the night, I am asked for a bookmark.

I love that books are piled at their bedside.  I love that they are reading.

I don't, however, care so much for the "I need a bookmark". is my solution:

This is super easy!  And you are recycling!

We pay our bills on line, but still request paper invoices.  Every paper invoice comes with a return envelope.  This is a great way to use the envelopes with pre-printed addresses.

Just cut off the corner with scissors or a straight-line cutter.


The purple one is just colored with a purple marker.  I added a fun little hat.  The white one has ears (the corners of the envelope).

This is definitely a great craft to do with kids of all ages.

I have a feeling the boys are going to request some envelope corners soon!

Here is the inspiration post...also a really cute idea:

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