Sunday, September 16, 2012

260/366: Pintember Closet

Sometimes, motivation comes without visual inspiration.

Sometimes, motivation comes from complete embarrassment.

Have you ever looked at the same mess so much that it doesn't look like a mess anymore?

This WAS my closet, in the midst of it's cleansing:

Oh yeah, I gave you full viewing pleasure because the closet isn't the only problem.  It's the bench, and the purses, and the shoes.  Oh the shoes.  We have a big shoe problem in this house.  BIG.

And it's not just me, all of us.  Big Boy wins with the fewest pairs of shoes with 3 pairs.  I threw out 4 pairs of my shoes.  I haven't worn them, they were old and ugly, they are gone.

I donated a bunch of coats, tossed some (with broken parts) and moved some up to the bedroom closet.

Are you ready for the reveal?
Those are my shoes hanging.  Tom's on the bottom shelf and the boys share the box below the plant.
 My purses are all in the closet with my current one hooked on a coat hanger next to my shoes.  I still need to go through the winter hats and gloves, but that's better on cooler days.

So you've seen the cart.  Want to see the inspiration horse?

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Love the yellow inside and purple walls!

I think my hall needs some major color!

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Jodi said...

What a transformation!!! You've done a great job with your Pintember posts and thanks for all the motivation :)