Sunday, September 2, 2012

246/366: Pintember - Rock Painting

I LOVED this project.

It brought out all the loves of childhood:  painting, creativity and collecting.

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Although I did a couple with hearts, the idea of turning a rock into something else, was much more interesting.  We found the best rocks at the beach.  The smoothness was much better for the markers, too.  Once we got to the mountains and did this craft again, the marker tips began to fray and make me sad.

I ended up getting Sharpie Brand Oil Based Paint Markers.  The more coats, the shinier the rock is.  They don't even require any special coating.

My niece was in love with this craft, always asking "Aunt Carrie, can I paint rocks?"
Must have a turtle!

This project is another thumbs up.  Definitely bringing the paint markers every time we go camping.  It really kept the kids occupied and happy.

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