Saturday, September 1, 2012

245/366: Pintember - Fire Starters

These are not the prettiest craft I've ever made, but I thought it was a good start to Pintember.

Here is the original idea from Pinterest:

I opted to use an egg carton as my vessel.  I put wads of dryer lint into each section.

Taking some old candles, I melted them in the microwave in my pyrex bowl.  After I fished out the wicks and metal ends of the wick, I poured them over the lint in the egg carton.

They really do look gross.  After my initial wax was used up, I poured bits of wax from a candle I had lit.  Although it took much longer, it was cleaner.  No dried up wax to clean.

And no Pintember would be a success without testing out the sample, right?

See it?  If the brown dried pine needles are the middle of the clock, the fire starter is at 5:00.

See it burn, baby, burn?  Okay, I'm not sure that bright fire is exactly from the fire starter, but the fire master, Dave, thought it definitely got the fire started easier and quicker.  Not much blowing before it lit.

The other great part of this craft, not only did we use items that would be thrown away, but since I used scented candles, the camper smelled pretty good.  Less smelly feet like.

This one, is a keeper. 

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