Thursday, September 6, 2012

250/366: Pintember Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Since we were on a downward spiral from yesterday's failure, I thought this would be a good entry.

My boys are coming to understand food and where it comes from.  They have a great dislike for meat products (McNuggets don't count, nor does pepperoni on pizza) because they come from living creatures.

Problem is, they don't really care for the high protein beans or quinoa, etc.  I have been giving them options.  More vegetables and grains in place of meat.  If they don't like that, I'll give them some turkey lunch meat (which they hate).  It has certainly been enlightening.  They are realizing that it isn't so much the meat or chicken they don't like, but the time it takes to eat dinner instead of playing.  Anything new is immediately refused, without even a sniff (at least for one boy you will see later in this post).

Last night, I tried to made this:

Pretty, right?  Actually looks like you could pick it up and eat it.  Well, here is my story for Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

The ricing of the cauliflower was easy, mixing the dough was even easier.  I was pretty excited.

I patted out my crust on my pizza stone, since the stone will heat the crust faster, hoping to make it crispier.

 After 15 minutes in the oven, it looked pretty good, the edges were browning, the bottom was browning.  We were well on our way. 
 I topped it with sauce and cheese (mama's cupboards were bare with anything to add that a child would eat)
And it came out fairly good.  The crust wasn't nearly sturdy enough to eat like a slice of pizza.  It did, however, taste like a pizza lasagna.  It had all the makings of lasagna, with the shape of a pie.

I had extra cauliflower, so I riced that and made one bigger pizza on a sheet pan.  I added corn meal to the pan in hopes it would be easier to remove.

I let the crust cook longer in the beginning, thinking that it would crisp up better.  I added the toppings and here is the finished pizza.

This big one had a thicker crust.  It also had some non-stick spray and the crust was soggy.  Really soggy.  Perhaps my measuring was off a touch, but I really did use measuring cups for this one.

I ate it.  And enjoyed it.

One look at this:

And the Big Boy did this:
Not even a sniff.
He proceeded to tell me I was the worst cook ever and this was the worst thing I have ever ever ever ever (yes, four ever's) made.  Let me clarify, he didn't tell me, he yelled to me.

Time out.

Little Man ate it and said, yum.

Tom came home and ate it, liked it.  Thought it was lasagna.

I will try this again, maybe find a different recipe or add something to thicken up the crust. 

Or, perhaps, this will be my base for my new Pizzagna.

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Meredith said...

Looks good to me, yum yum. Congrats on your postings so far, looks like a fun household these days, Im excited to see what you do next!