Sunday, September 9, 2012

253/366: Pintember Plasticdermy

This is one I've had on my list long before Pintember was ever a thought.

We have no shortage of plastic animals in this house, but I did purchase a shark from the Dollar Tree.  It's a bathroom after all...I needed animals that like water.

I was inspired by this pin:

I found three wooden plaques at the local craft store for a buck each.  I bought white spray paint and a can of blue that is the accent color in my chocolate brown and white bathroom.  I also purchased the shark.

This is a project for less than $10.00, especially if you only used one can of white paint and not added the cost of the blue.

So...I found a hack saw in the basement tool bench and roughly cut the back ends off the animals.

This is where I made my mistake...I used Gorilla Glue.  It expands.  I forgot.

I had them all secured on the plaques before I saw the "expansion".  I would use hot glue or a super glue type adhesive.

After I fixed my mistake, I took the plaques to the garage where I set up a box to spray into.

Easy stuff.  I sprayed three coats on the white, two on the blue.

Once they dried, I hung them in the bathroom with these tabs that I had leftover from another project:

We have an Elephant, Shark and Walrus. 

I apologize for the horrible picture coloring.  That bathroom is a tough place to photograph.

And would you like to see it in a room?

It's been a wall I've wanted to do something with for a long time.  It will be easy to add to it, too.  Maybe a little mirror?  A boat?  Who knows?!?

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Jill said...

Well that looks nothing like I imagined. For one, I thought you were using stuffed animals. I also imagined more gore. It's really cute, though! Can't wait to see tomorrow's project!