Monday, September 10, 2012

254/366: Pintember Ghost

If you were to visit our home on this, the 10th day of September, you would see that we are in full Halloween spirit.

The kids, are, that is.  I'm not quite ready.  We won't put up our outdoor decorations until I see at least one other neighbor do the same.  Besides, our window covering spooks me.

I wanted to work on a wreath today, but alas, I got a better offer (yarn shopping).  Do you blame me?

I tested this craft last night for use during the Halloween season:

I picked up a bag of 12 inch pearl white balloons and a pack of green glow stick bracelets.

For a two minute craft, it was great.  The kids liked it and I will do this for Halloween, but I will use the 4 inch glow sticks.  They are shorter and thicker and I think they will glow better in the balloon.

This is a cute and REALLY EASY craft for those craft-challenged folks.

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