Wednesday, September 5, 2012

249/366: Pintember - Wind Forts

I'll start this post out with what this SHOULD have looked like:

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

And here is what ours looked like:

Epic fail.

Here's a tip...if you don't have a powerful box fan, don't even bother with this.  I tried taping the queen sheet to the floor with packing tape - that worked.  I tried using two separate fans, one tower and one round large - also used a vornado small (ditched that) - these didn't work.

If I had the drive, or if my kids even cared, I would try it again with plastic sheeting (giant trash bag like material).  But they could care less.  They'd rather hang out in the closet.

Yup, that's my kid.

Have you tried anything with complete failure?  It really sucks.

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Jill said...

"Have you tried anything with complete failure? It really sucks."

All. The. Time. I try not to get discouraged, though