Monday, September 29, 2008

What Did I Win, Mommy?

Nothing but the best mommy in the world, Sam.

But, someone else won something...

Congratulations, Dani! Sorry you had to wait the whole weekend to find out, I love suspense.

So, Dani, you may select any of the Triple Stack Wash Towels from my Etsy shop ...OR let me choose for you. I do have some new 'fresher' colors I have been working on that aren't in the shop yet.

For everyone else that posted a comment...thank you! It was really great to hear your ideas. I think I am going with Betsy and Betsy is going to keep her bling (at least for a while, every girl can change, you know!).

Next up...

Photos of my completed Blanquilt - The Weaver Bird...I am very proud of it. Perhaps too proud. Tom and my Mom have both encouraged me to keep it, but I might put it on Etsy just to see...of course listed for much more than I would normally price it, because it really has a hold on my heart.

On to my October to do list!

Congratulations to Tanya and Patrick on the birth of their baby girl. Welcome to the spinning world, Lucy Anna!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Naming Names for a GIVEAWAY

++ I have written this three times, and deleted three times ++

I was trying to be funny. Guess my funny ran out the door.

So, here is the scoop. Like my Dad, I give names to my purses and weavings. I like it. It makes it easier to talk about it and gives a personality to the piece.

I had intended to show you this purse and ask that you leave a comment with a name suggestion. But then, as soon as the bead on the flap went on, this guy had a Louie Lakeman, Man with Nose Ring.

I really did not intend this 'flap' to look like a mustache. Prior to its rough and tumble felting process, it was a dainty little ruffle. One phrase that is spoken in our house often, sums this up nicely... You get what you get, and you love it.

Thanks, Louie.

So, Louie was easy. This one, not so much. I really like it, but it surely doesn't have the personality of Lou. I need a name. I need a concept. Does it need more bling? Less bling?

Post a comment with your suggestions (and let me know what you think about Lou, too) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a Triple Stack of Wash Towels. That's it. Make a comment, win a prize.

I will select a winner from all posts on this title until Friday, September 26th at 5:00 PM.

Post Away!!! and Good Luck.

P.S. Louie is going to the shop very soon...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orange in the Middle

Growing up, my mom was always trying to get me to wear something bright or with a print. I gravitated, still do, to the solid colors, usually black, white or grey. More specifically, v-neck t-shirts. I really need to get out of that style, but it makes me comfortable and happy. I am slowly accepting brighter colors into my closet.

When I was pregnant with Sam, Tom and I were looking for baby room colors. As you could guess, I am not a pastel kind of girl. So, we went with orange. Bright orange. With lime, purple and red accents. I loved it. It was just like this spool in the center.

I found these on my last flea market trip with Kelly. I have always wished I had wooden spools to look at. That same lady we got some great fabrics from had a large bag for $3.00. I snagged them for display and fun, but I have used three different colors already. The multitude of colors have surely come in handy.

Big News! I only have one more to-do on my September list. To work on my linen blanquilt. I have had it 'almost done' for some time and tomorrow I will start embellishing. I don't remember challenging myself to be less of a procrastinator, how can this be...?

Also...I am planning a GIVEAWAY!!! My next post will have the details. Please pass this on to your friends, post a note in your blog and please, stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Member of Dat Leetle German Band

No buyers remorse here.

I bought these cuties at the flea market. Sounds simple, right? Let's back up. One Sunday, I went with my Dad to the flea market and we were slightly (extremely) discouraged by the lack of vendors. It was a day filled with threats of rain, but the weather forecasts were definitely wrong. I spied a trike with these giant wheels that were rubber, a sliding seat to conform to the riders leg length, and a red metal frame that was simply classic. But, I didn't buy it. I walked by it four times. All the while, hearing Tom's voice say, "Where are you going to store it? Summer is over. We need another toy?" And that is what made me say no.

I regretted it for a week. Kelly (Tom's cousin) was visiting for the weekend and we went the following Sunday to the same flea market. Better weather brings many more vendors. We were pleasantly surprised at the re-birth of the flea market. We found a great lady with boxes of fabric and supplies and some old coat weight quilts. Kelly found a cobra (?) purse that she knew was worth way more than what was asked and an old weaving in white and navy blue. It was beautiful. After dropping our recent purchases at the car, we walked. I found some cars for the boys (not old, but NASCAR cars that I know they would love) and then spotted these gems.

Maybe it was the red frames. Maybe it was the round bellies. Either way, I knew they needed to be mine. BUT, I walked away. Away, but toward the seller with that trike. I just couldn't get it out of my mind. Once I realized it was sold, I went back to my portly men and offered $8 for the pair.



Now, where to hang them?

p.s. I wish I knew more about them. I tried to look them up, with no luck. If you know a good resource or know anything about them or the illustrator - please let me know. I believe the name is Bernard Hall.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now THIS is Lunch v.2

We didn't have much in the cupboards for lunch. I have been spoiled with Tom doing the grocery shopping all summer. Since he is back in classes, the chore is up in the air.
After a while, I get really sick of sandwiches. Looking through the pantry (aka closet with shelving that Tom devised) I found a can of black beans. In the refrigerator, half a jar of salsa. Bingo. Black Bean soup. I used to make this with a blender and onions and fancy ingredients. However, if you have a good hearty salsa - you are set. A soup with two ingredients. That is my kind of soup.
Black Bean Soup
1 can black beans
Half jar of salsa (approximately 10 oz for my 'measure chefs')
Place the black beans in a pan and mash a bit with a potato masher (this isn't required, but makes the soup more stoupy). Add salsa. You may want to add a little water, even though technically it no longer becomes a two ingredient soup. Heat and serve.
I added some corn tortillas for dipping and some shredded cheddar (which wasn't that great, I should have saved the calories). Raw onions are also good on top - if you aren't kissing anyone later.
Any one have another simple, quick, gluten free soup recipe?
Working on some wash towels for a Yummy gal. Thinking Halloween costumes, baby gifts and I have to do my sales taxes...ugh (unfortunately/luckily I only had two in-state sales).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rock It

Swim 2.4 Miles

Bike 112 Miles

Run 26.2 Miles

That is the Ironman.

And this is my brother, Keith.
The Ironman.

Here is the story. Keith did his first Ironman in Lake Placid last year with his wife Brooke (her second Ironman). We weren't able to go and I said the next one, I am there. Well, time passes, things happen, the money isn't quite there and I didn't think he was going to do the Wisconsin Ironman this year. When I heard that he was doing it (a month ago) I tried to figure out a way to make it there. I didn't tell Keith I was trying to make it work, since I didn't want to disappoint him if it didn't work out. I got lucky on a couple aspects, and my mom and Tom's mom were able to help with the kids while I was gone and Tom was studying/working/schooling.

As Keith and his friends were finishing their dinner at the rented log cabin, Meredith (Accomplice #1) and I stepped in front of the sliding door and gave a little knock. I should have planned earlier to get a photo of Keith's face. I could have, because it didn't change for 15 seconds. His buddy, Ben, looked equally confused. And there was Brooke (Accomplice #2), smiling and giggling. We succeeded. He had no idea I was coming to watch my little brother compete in his second Ironman.

(Mom, you may want to stop here)

Here is what I love about Keith.

I love when he gets so excited and passionate about something he never stops talking. I love that even though he talks a lot, listeners are still engaged. I love that he asks questions. I love that he makes me laugh. I love that he is always interested in knowing peoples' life stories, interests and dreams. I love that all of his friends are amazing, loving, caring people and become my friends, too. I love that he values opinions and beliefs of people. I love that he embraces challenges. I love that he prefers beer to a protein shake after an Ironman. I love that even though he may be disappointed in an outcome, he sees the positive in it. I love that he remembered where we were standing as he finished his 2.4 mile swim and smiled and waved. I love that while he is struggling and persevering, he can look into your eyes and you instantly know he cares and loves you. I love that he shows others the joy and accomplishment in setting and achieving goals. I love that he is an Ironman. I love that he is my brother.

and I love that I am Keith's sister.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pleasant Thoughts...

for a Tough Race. Distance: 2.4 mi. swim • 112 mi. bike • 26.2 mi. run

Go Keith!!! We love you Special K!

If you want to follow along on Sunday, Keith's bib number is 664.

(this is a photo from the Lake Placid Ironman...I am not that technologically good yet!)

Guess Where I Am.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I am no Mariah Carey.
I think butterflies are cool to look at when they are in nature, but I am not one to slap one on a t-shirt or wear butterfly earrings.
But this is different. I have no idea how many butterflies were in this tiny space, but they were plentiful. You really could find one wherever you looked. One landed on me and just was so very content.
If you ever have the chance and are in Rochester, it is worth the extra couple bucks to spend 20 minutes at the Butterfly Garden at the Strong Museum of Play.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No, You Will Have the Fries

On Saturday, we took the sick kids for a pool party. Sun and water are good for a sick kid, besides, what would I have done with them had we not gone...nothing. So, we stayed away from the others and took it slow. After a while, Sam was really hot and in need of less sun and some medicine. We left before the grill was lit, and stopped off at Burger King on the way home.

Tom doesn't like to wait in a drive through lane (my theory - they service drive through prior to in building customers) and decided to go inside for the purchase. As he was waiting for the food a large family came in, seemingly very excited to the trip to BK. Imagine a not-so-Sunday best clad Brady Bunch making their way to Sears. But not so much.

The girl excitedly asked her father, "Dad, can I get the apple dippers instead of the french fries?"

"No. You will have the fries."


The above pic is from our trip to the Strong Museum in Rochester. A wonderful place, well worth the hour drive. And, we got to see our Callan friends...still no baby, but the baby now has curtains (I finished them, hooray (well kind of finished, sorry T)) in her room. Not sure the sex of the baby, but I can't stop calling the baby a 'her'.

Coming Soon:
-Pics from the Butterfly Garden at the museum
-Awesome garage sale and flea market finds. (Two men serenaded me so well, that I brought them home as my own. )
-Fresh purses soon to be added to the the shop!