Sunday, September 21, 2008

Naming Names for a GIVEAWAY

++ I have written this three times, and deleted three times ++

I was trying to be funny. Guess my funny ran out the door.

So, here is the scoop. Like my Dad, I give names to my purses and weavings. I like it. It makes it easier to talk about it and gives a personality to the piece.

I had intended to show you this purse and ask that you leave a comment with a name suggestion. But then, as soon as the bead on the flap went on, this guy had a Louie Lakeman, Man with Nose Ring.

I really did not intend this 'flap' to look like a mustache. Prior to its rough and tumble felting process, it was a dainty little ruffle. One phrase that is spoken in our house often, sums this up nicely... You get what you get, and you love it.

Thanks, Louie.

So, Louie was easy. This one, not so much. I really like it, but it surely doesn't have the personality of Lou. I need a name. I need a concept. Does it need more bling? Less bling?

Post a comment with your suggestions (and let me know what you think about Lou, too) and I will randomly select one winner to receive a Triple Stack of Wash Towels. That's it. Make a comment, win a prize.

I will select a winner from all posts on this title until Friday, September 26th at 5:00 PM.

Post Away!!! and Good Luck.

P.S. Louie is going to the shop very soon...


  1. Louie makes me chuckle a little. He really does have personality (purse-onality?) You other little friend is beautiful. I love the beading on the edge. If I'm looking at it right, there's a single bead on the flap. I think it would benefit from a few more scattered about. I love the color.

  2. This is a teal color so name could be Tilly. I think Tilly would be modest and a wee bit bookish so I'd de-bead her, and try incorporating less sassy embellishments, maybe brassy chains, funky buttons or netting.

  3. The flap that you said was to be a ruffle, looks like a foot to me. How about "little foot"? for a name

  4. Had another about "footloose" the song?

  5. it is so pretty. The colors almost look like a stone, a leaf or something organic. How about Boulder blue.

  6. I like Lou - he's funny but not in your face.

    I think I'd like the second bag more if it had more beads scattered about on the flap in stead of along the edge... I'm not feeling the edge beads as much.

  7. I like her. September Sparkle.
    I've been absent from blogland for a while.....having my own little "September Spark"...going on over here.

  8. well...I think louis is great! i like to name my work as well and think it's a great idea:) or

  9. Like your bags...great giving them names...Louie sounds perfect and as the other one seems like a shy little girl, I would call her Suzi and I think she is perfect just the way she is

  10. I like your first bag, but it doesn't look like a mustache to me, it looks like a big nose with a nose ring. :)
    he is cute either way.

    So here goes, my name and story for the other one:

    Here lies Betsy at the bottom of the sea, she is a creature who is very sad, and you ask why? Well one day she was feeling quite hungry and see found something that looked delicious for her lunch, but little to her surprise she was chomping on a crab. And that little crab was not going to take it, he didn't want to die today and was going to fight for his life! So Mr. Craby poked Betsy in the eye, and sadly Betsy only has one now. What will Betsy do now, she doesn't have lunch or a second eye. Won't you take her home and love her? :)

  11. I like Louie, I think he's pretty cool!

    Hmmmm, for the other one, I like Autumn. She's chilly and warm at the same time.

  12. I think Louie is oh so cute. As for the second one, you could add a few more beads on the flap for that added bling. The name that would suit her then would be Blingalicious Betty!!

  13. Cure Purses! Lovc Louie lol! For the smaller one I like it just the way it is actually. Little Bit of Bling is what I would call it. It has just the right amount of sparkle to go anywhere,

  14. That should be cute not cure lol! Not awake yet.

  15. I love Louie! at first glance knowing you named your purses I saw a big nose with two big eyes.
    I'd never visualized that if you didnt name them though.
    The other is perfect just like it is. Too much bling and it takes away from the simplicity of it.

    I like Betsy too. That name came to mind immediately after seeing it.

  16. I think her name should be Madeline - sweet and simple with a touch of sparkle.

    She is lovely!