Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now THIS is Lunch v.2

We didn't have much in the cupboards for lunch. I have been spoiled with Tom doing the grocery shopping all summer. Since he is back in classes, the chore is up in the air.
After a while, I get really sick of sandwiches. Looking through the pantry (aka closet with shelving that Tom devised) I found a can of black beans. In the refrigerator, half a jar of salsa. Bingo. Black Bean soup. I used to make this with a blender and onions and fancy ingredients. However, if you have a good hearty salsa - you are set. A soup with two ingredients. That is my kind of soup.
Black Bean Soup
1 can black beans
Half jar of salsa (approximately 10 oz for my 'measure chefs')
Place the black beans in a pan and mash a bit with a potato masher (this isn't required, but makes the soup more stoupy). Add salsa. You may want to add a little water, even though technically it no longer becomes a two ingredient soup. Heat and serve.
I added some corn tortillas for dipping and some shredded cheddar (which wasn't that great, I should have saved the calories). Raw onions are also good on top - if you aren't kissing anyone later.
Any one have another simple, quick, gluten free soup recipe?
Working on some wash towels for a Yummy gal. Thinking Halloween costumes, baby gifts and I have to do my sales taxes...ugh (unfortunately/luckily I only had two in-state sales).

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