Thursday, September 18, 2008

Orange in the Middle

Growing up, my mom was always trying to get me to wear something bright or with a print. I gravitated, still do, to the solid colors, usually black, white or grey. More specifically, v-neck t-shirts. I really need to get out of that style, but it makes me comfortable and happy. I am slowly accepting brighter colors into my closet.

When I was pregnant with Sam, Tom and I were looking for baby room colors. As you could guess, I am not a pastel kind of girl. So, we went with orange. Bright orange. With lime, purple and red accents. I loved it. It was just like this spool in the center.

I found these on my last flea market trip with Kelly. I have always wished I had wooden spools to look at. That same lady we got some great fabrics from had a large bag for $3.00. I snagged them for display and fun, but I have used three different colors already. The multitude of colors have surely come in handy.

Big News! I only have one more to-do on my September list. To work on my linen blanquilt. I have had it 'almost done' for some time and tomorrow I will start embellishing. I don't remember challenging myself to be less of a procrastinator, how can this be...?

Also...I am planning a GIVEAWAY!!! My next post will have the details. Please pass this on to your friends, post a note in your blog and please, stay tuned.

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