Tuesday, September 2, 2008

No, You Will Have the Fries

On Saturday, we took the sick kids for a pool party. Sun and water are good for a sick kid, besides, what would I have done with them had we not gone...nothing. So, we stayed away from the others and took it slow. After a while, Sam was really hot and in need of less sun and some medicine. We left before the grill was lit, and stopped off at Burger King on the way home.

Tom doesn't like to wait in a drive through lane (my theory - they service drive through prior to in building customers) and decided to go inside for the purchase. As he was waiting for the food a large family came in, seemingly very excited to the trip to BK. Imagine a not-so-Sunday best clad Brady Bunch making their way to Sears. But not so much.

The girl excitedly asked her father, "Dad, can I get the apple dippers instead of the french fries?"

"No. You will have the fries."


The above pic is from our trip to the Strong Museum in Rochester. A wonderful place, well worth the hour drive. And, we got to see our Callan friends...still no baby, but the baby now has curtains (I finished them, hooray (well kind of finished, sorry T)) in her room. Not sure the sex of the baby, but I can't stop calling the baby a 'her'.

Coming Soon:
-Pics from the Butterfly Garden at the museum
-Awesome garage sale and flea market finds. (Two men serenaded me so well, that I brought them home as my own. )
-Fresh purses soon to be added to the the shop!


mimi said...

I love it. i wonder if he was going to eat the fries or he just really hates the apple dippers!

Jill said...

Aidan had the apple dippers yesterday & loved them. Sure, the caramel squeezy pack they give you is all high fructose corn syrup, but maybe it all evens out with the apples being nutritious. People are so strange, aren't they?