Friday, February 15, 2013

Beautiful Day for the Playground

Big Boy is going through a construction vehicle stage. He wants to build buildings when he grows up. Specifically to build a tall tower that, when people get to the top, will crumble.

We are working on cause and effect.

Their elementary school has some cool diggers that are "perfect practice" for his future career.

The best part, clear view from the parking lot. Yes, I'm that mom that I didn't understand five years ago. "What mom takes her kids to the playground, but sits in her car?" Well my friends, I am her.

Needless to say, you can see by the snow, that it's cold out there, even for Buffalo standards. The boys lasted nearly an hour.

Best hour I've spent at the playground in a long time.

If I see you at the playground with your kids, I'll honk a "Hello".

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC and Part of D

To rid myself of the 'lost puppy' feeling since completing the blanket, I found this sample in my UFO bin.

It's been at least a year since I began this. A and B were fun, then life took over.

Last night, I started C.

Then I finished C.

And started D. The wool thread on my needle ran out and I couldn't focus my eyes enough to thread more on. This was after 1:30 AM. I might need magnify glasses for this needle. Or a needle threader. I must have one somewhere in this house.

The sampler is from Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cozy. It's adorable and well worth purchasing the whole kit (if she has any left). Alicia creates beautiful designs and uses the most exquisite materials. After seeing first hand the quality, I will always buy the kit from her.

D is calling my name...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Mom Bucks...Carrie Style

Oh yeah!  Trying something new.

Here's my problem.  My kids don't value money like I wish they would.  They don't really save, they often spend on stupid toys or general junk.

I want that to change.

They also misbehave often (I know, here I go being honest, the rarity of parenting blogs). 

I want them to behave like little (quiet) gentlemen.

The boys love turtles, so that was a given.  And since I'll probably not ever get my mug on a buck, I indulged.

Want to see a closeup?


Cute, right?
Back to the Bucks.  The boys can earn the bucks by doing good things around the house.  I started them off with $5 each for shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.  They did a great job and I watched from inside.  Well worth the $10.
They can earn the 25 cent ones for a great morning routine (only asking once to eat, dress, brush, etc.). 
The bucks can also be taken away.  Taking a Mom Buck is easier than taking a child's real legal tender - something just seems wrong with that.  Little Man got a 25 cent one taken away tonight.
In order for them to learn how to save, I've offered a double your money scheme.  When they get a Mom Buck, I date it.  If they have saved it for a month or two or three (haven't really decided yet), then I will double that money.  Bucks can only be doubled once.
I'm hoping they learn kindness, value of money and saving, and continue to do household chores on a more routine basis.
Mom Bucks are good for when Mom only has plastic in her wallet and for purchasing items on line (where they are often cheaper).
I'll circle back with you when I'm broke and my kids are rich to let you know how it worked (or didn't).


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dos Babettes

Today, I finished the border on Little Man's Babette Blanket.

This is my favorite blanket patter ever!  It's fun, interesting and surprising.

It's also 'chair confining'.  This isn't a blanket you can take with you.  There are so many different colors and you rarely use the same color in more than two rounds, usually just one round.  I had three bags of yarn, so traveling with this wasn't an option.  I didn't even change seats in the house.  I tucked my yarn bags next to one chair and that's where I've been hooking.  And hooking.  And watching TV on my iPad (Shameless, House of Lies, Girls, good).

Little Man's Babette
I finished at about noon today.  Three times since, I've looked at the chair and wanted to get back to the yarn.
Both Babette's Together
My next task is getting into my luxury basement studio.  I have to dig a path into it first.  In the Christmas rush, it got icky.  Boxes and balls of yarn and garbage and receipts and just stuff all over the place.  There is even a double sink, faucet, crystal chandelier and air hockey table in there.  No wonder I can barely move in there!

Once I get into the studio, I have to run some yarn through the knitting machine.  I have a couple purses I need to get moving on...I've been very delinquent.  Note to anyone that asks for a custom bag, give me a deadline.  I don't do well with "When you have a chance".  I need to work on that.

If I'm lost, look in the basement, until then, thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Moment Like This

After all the drama of the days before.

Many meltdowns.

Double defiance.

There are times like this when I look at this boy and my heart melts.

He is doing what he loves. He is happy.

He didn't wear a hat today because he wanted messy hair.

My heart is melting for this boy. I love him so.

Monday, February 4, 2013

No Wire Hangers

I dropped the F bomb tonight.

Bad Mommy.

I couldn't take it anymore. He pushed and pushed and didn't do a simple every day task.

I gave them both some extra time to play because the homework was done quickly, correctly and with only one prompt, success in my book.

But, after they played and goofed around, "shower time" came. And was stalled, "just one more minute"; "almost done"; "it's his turn to go first"; "wait, mom, one more...". This went on for 30 minutes. Big Boy got upstairs and it was 20 minutes when it happened.

"Get in the fucking shower."

As bad as it sounds, it worked. It wasn't the first or twentieth time he heard the word and it won't be the last. I rarely swear in front of the boys, but there are times when being nice and gentle just don't work.

He got in the shower. He cried. And came out with a smile. I apologized, explained myself, and told him I loved him, no matter what.

Then I had a glass of wine.

Am I alone?