Monday, February 11, 2013

Mom Bucks...Carrie Style

Oh yeah!  Trying something new.

Here's my problem.  My kids don't value money like I wish they would.  They don't really save, they often spend on stupid toys or general junk.

I want that to change.

They also misbehave often (I know, here I go being honest, the rarity of parenting blogs). 

I want them to behave like little (quiet) gentlemen.

The boys love turtles, so that was a given.  And since I'll probably not ever get my mug on a buck, I indulged.

Want to see a closeup?


Cute, right?
Back to the Bucks.  The boys can earn the bucks by doing good things around the house.  I started them off with $5 each for shoveling the driveway and sidewalk.  They did a great job and I watched from inside.  Well worth the $10.
They can earn the 25 cent ones for a great morning routine (only asking once to eat, dress, brush, etc.). 
The bucks can also be taken away.  Taking a Mom Buck is easier than taking a child's real legal tender - something just seems wrong with that.  Little Man got a 25 cent one taken away tonight.
In order for them to learn how to save, I've offered a double your money scheme.  When they get a Mom Buck, I date it.  If they have saved it for a month or two or three (haven't really decided yet), then I will double that money.  Bucks can only be doubled once.
I'm hoping they learn kindness, value of money and saving, and continue to do household chores on a more routine basis.
Mom Bucks are good for when Mom only has plastic in her wallet and for purchasing items on line (where they are often cheaper).
I'll circle back with you when I'm broke and my kids are rich to let you know how it worked (or didn't).


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