Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dos Babettes

Today, I finished the border on Little Man's Babette Blanket.

This is my favorite blanket patter ever!  It's fun, interesting and surprising.

It's also 'chair confining'.  This isn't a blanket you can take with you.  There are so many different colors and you rarely use the same color in more than two rounds, usually just one round.  I had three bags of yarn, so traveling with this wasn't an option.  I didn't even change seats in the house.  I tucked my yarn bags next to one chair and that's where I've been hooking.  And hooking.  And watching TV on my iPad (Shameless, House of Lies, Girls, good).

Little Man's Babette
I finished at about noon today.  Three times since, I've looked at the chair and wanted to get back to the yarn.
Both Babette's Together
My next task is getting into my luxury basement studio.  I have to dig a path into it first.  In the Christmas rush, it got icky.  Boxes and balls of yarn and garbage and receipts and just stuff all over the place.  There is even a double sink, faucet, crystal chandelier and air hockey table in there.  No wonder I can barely move in there!

Once I get into the studio, I have to run some yarn through the knitting machine.  I have a couple purses I need to get moving on...I've been very delinquent.  Note to anyone that asks for a custom bag, give me a deadline.  I don't do well with "When you have a chance".  I need to work on that.

If I'm lost, look in the basement, until then, thanks for reading!

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