Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC and Part of D

To rid myself of the 'lost puppy' feeling since completing the blanket, I found this sample in my UFO bin.

It's been at least a year since I began this. A and B were fun, then life took over.

Last night, I started C.

Then I finished C.

And started D. The wool thread on my needle ran out and I couldn't focus my eyes enough to thread more on. This was after 1:30 AM. I might need magnify glasses for this needle. Or a needle threader. I must have one somewhere in this house.

The sampler is from Alicia Paulson from Posie Gets Cozy. It's adorable and well worth purchasing the whole kit (if she has any left). Alicia creates beautiful designs and uses the most exquisite materials. After seeing first hand the quality, I will always buy the kit from her.

D is calling my name...

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