Monday, February 4, 2013

No Wire Hangers

I dropped the F bomb tonight.

Bad Mommy.

I couldn't take it anymore. He pushed and pushed and didn't do a simple every day task.

I gave them both some extra time to play because the homework was done quickly, correctly and with only one prompt, success in my book.

But, after they played and goofed around, "shower time" came. And was stalled, "just one more minute"; "almost done"; "it's his turn to go first"; "wait, mom, one more...". This went on for 30 minutes. Big Boy got upstairs and it was 20 minutes when it happened.

"Get in the fucking shower."

As bad as it sounds, it worked. It wasn't the first or twentieth time he heard the word and it won't be the last. I rarely swear in front of the boys, but there are times when being nice and gentle just don't work.

He got in the shower. He cried. And came out with a smile. I apologized, explained myself, and told him I loved him, no matter what.

Then I had a glass of wine.

Am I alone?


Anonymous said...

How un-pc of you. According to the news and the dime-store psychologists like Dr. Phil and Dr. Drew, your child will become a non-contributing member of our society and it will be all your fault. Get ready to pay for all those therapy sessions or self help publications he will no doubt need because of these instances.

Meredith said...

Carrie, Clearly "Anonymous" doesnt know anything about you, or the mother that you are to those boys. By shielding him/herself it is easy to cast remarks like that. I have known you for 15+ years and seen the amazing things/sacrifices that you have done for your family. There is always someone who disapproves, and will judge it like they know you. I know you, and your boys and they are lucky to have you to call Mom. XO.

Anonymous said...

Meredith, I was being completely sarcastic and sardonic with my comments.

I have worked with children from all sorts of backgrounds for over ten years and if droping the F-bomb is the biggest issue, then join 99.9% of the other parents who have let that one go in front of their children.

In just the last month I have talked with a few different nine year olds who have told me stories of drug abuse, physical abuse, abandonment, being homeless and not having food for supper.

Back to your point, I have never been shielded or have shielded myself from any statements. I just didn't have an account. What I will say is that I have fed the homeless on the streets 1st hand, I have brought abused and neglected children into my home, fought with parents, teachers and counselors who felt bureacracy is more important than care. I don't just do these jobs, I dont just talk about these jobs, I live these jobs. It is in my skin. Its what allows me to sleep 4 hours a night for the past 4 years. It is this passion that makes me turn down career positions that pay 3 times what I make. Real problems exist and I am the man who will fight without thought of my reputation, praise, or monetary rewards.

I have followed this and a few other blogs and I think she is an outstanding mother who cares and loves her family. No sarcasm in that statment.

Chris C.

Carrie Guzzino said...

I have Dr. Phil on speed dial!

Carrie Guzzino said...

Thanks for reading, Chris. I appreciate your comments. Meredith: thanks! You have always been a great support.