Monday, September 29, 2008

What Did I Win, Mommy?

Nothing but the best mommy in the world, Sam.

But, someone else won something...

Congratulations, Dani! Sorry you had to wait the whole weekend to find out, I love suspense.

So, Dani, you may select any of the Triple Stack Wash Towels from my Etsy shop ...OR let me choose for you. I do have some new 'fresher' colors I have been working on that aren't in the shop yet.

For everyone else that posted a comment...thank you! It was really great to hear your ideas. I think I am going with Betsy and Betsy is going to keep her bling (at least for a while, every girl can change, you know!).

Next up...

Photos of my completed Blanquilt - The Weaver Bird...I am very proud of it. Perhaps too proud. Tom and my Mom have both encouraged me to keep it, but I might put it on Etsy just to see...of course listed for much more than I would normally price it, because it really has a hold on my heart.

On to my October to do list!

Congratulations to Tanya and Patrick on the birth of their baby girl. Welcome to the spinning world, Lucy Anna!


Dani said...

Thanks so much! Rather surprised and delighted!..

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Youir carpet looks really nice in these shots. Is that a weird thing to say?

lotta said...

Great giveaway – lucky Dani. I love your work and your etsy shop. Thanks for visiting my blog recently.