Tuesday, September 25, 2012

269/366: Pintember Christmas is Coming

I love Christmas.

I love decorating for Christmas.  Shiny and sparkly.

We have moved some things around in our home this year, so I'll get to so some different things.

In the meantime, my pal Liz found this pin and I knew I had to try it:

Simple.  Fast.  That's what I love about this craft.

I was worried that the hanger might fall out of between the mirrors, so I tied two knots in the embroidery floss I used.  I added a bit of hot glue to the mirror back and sandwiched the glue and floss with another mirror.

They turned out pretty cute.  Since it's too early to demonstrate on a Christmas tree, here they are on my Christmas cactus:

And because I'm always trying to change the rules, I tried making garland with some.  Actually, I was tired of making the loops.

I cut a length of floss and sandwiched the floss between two mirrors without any knots (first photo).  I didn't space them out exactly, I didn't measure anything.  Just played around with it.

My only concern is that these are pretty heavy with 8 - 10 mirrors, so I made three shorter strands.  I may use these in the tree, or perhaps near a window where the light can bounce off it.

Get making!  These are easy!

A happy 13th Anniversary to my dear husband Tom.  Even he bounced light off a gift card in my eyes today.  Oh the magic!  I love you, Tom!

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