Monday, September 17, 2012

261/366: Pintember BroccoRice

We like broccoli. 

We like rice.

We love cheese.

This was my inspiration for tonight's side dish:

And they came out looking like this:

Nice and crispy on the edge.  Perfect ratio of cheese to rice to broccoli.

It calls for two eggs, which I can usually take if baked into something, but I had two..ahem...three...ahem and a half little muffin things.  And my egg allergy/intolerance is reminding me that I really shouldn't eat so many eggs in one sitting.  Duh!

So be it.  I was feeling cruddy before hand anyway.

The verdict:  Little Man liked them, but since Big Boy did not, Little Man decided to just go with plain broccoli and plain rice (this momma was prepared with both separately).  Tom, eh.  He said they were okay, but won't request them.  Me...I loved them.  It's nice to find different ways to eat your starch and veggies.

I made these to compliment meatloaf.  Which was also not a hit with any of the boys.  Me...I loved it.

I see a trend.  A trend I'm proud of.

I cook what I want to eat.

If anyone wants something different, by all means, cook for us all.


Meredith said...

We had meatloaf last night too! I should have read this earlier and would have tried it...instead our side dish was Mac n' Cheese.

Carrie G said...

Mac and Cheese is perfect with meatloaf. I was talking to JT and he said he had to go make meatloaf. Then we compared ingredients.
This is super easy and delish! Would be good for power breakfasts, too.