Saturday, September 29, 2012

273/366: Pintember Paper

Well, it wasn't a very productive Pinterest day over here.

The boys were playing with a packing form from our new sweeper vac (LOVE IT) and they were making some Lego game up with their minifigures.  I tried to find something fun for them to add to their game, and ended up here...

I want my Mummy!

This was a printable - free.  They hold candy...get the free download for mummy right here!

And they have friends...
Also a printable.

The bird link was broken, so I just saved the picture and printed it from my hard drive.

Here is another link with a bunch of fun printables (including the Halloween candy holders).

Cute stuff.  Obviously, using a cardstock would be much better than regular paper, but since I already had paper and my printer...this craft was free!

Tomorrow is our final day and I feel like the end might be a let down.  We'll see if I can work some magic tomorrow!

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