Saturday, June 7, 2008

What is 'You Old Reptile'?

No, not this picture. This is a project I am working on for the shop and for a wedding gift. I am actually doing three of the similar projects all at once. It isn't taking that much longer. If I measure out (of course not with a measuring stick or tape) a piece, why not cut three of the same? Or tear. I found this great linen on sale at our not so favorite mega fabric store for 60% off. I bought only two shades, cream and beige. I appreciate the crispness of freshly pressed linen juxtaposed with the comforting wrinkled texture of freshly laundered linen.
This is just the center (I know, you are all surprised by the hearts, me too) of the blanket #2. The blanket #1 is for a wedding and thinking about weddings and newlyweds and what Tom and I used to do B.C., (before children) I came up with this blanket. The blanket isn't the concept as much as its size. Tom and I used to sit on the couch, each taking an arm and sharing a blanket. Well, the blanket never seemed to be long enough, so this one will be.

Sewing goes SO much faster than weaving and am really enjoying seeing this blanket grow with each added piece.

I am thinking about my next project for the loom. Any suggestions?

Oh...and the title of the post. The answer is: The name Sam called Tom after Sam was told to clean up his stuffed animals. Classic.

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