Sunday, June 15, 2008


Tom never asks for anything for himself when it comes to birthdays or Christmas or any other Hallmark holiday. Except the Fudgie the Whale cake from Carvel. He has asked for this every single Father's Day since Sam was born. Fudgie isn't an easy whale to find. Carvel needs to market a little better and include Fudgie at Wegmans or other grocery stores that are much more accessible to a mom with two kids in tow. And while I am on it...why aren't there drive through stamp machines? I can mail a letter from my car, but I can't purchase a stamp from my car? I am not saying this because I am lazy, I am saying this to save my sanity. If I can do multiple errands in my car with my boys without having to corral them or bribe them, I'll do it. So, back to Fudgie. I had the kids, borrowed my mom for a drive/sit with the kids while I attempted to locate the elusive Fudgie. No luck. I may not have tried THAT hard, since I can't eat Fudgie, and what fun is a whale in the house if you can take a secret nibble here and there? Plan three: brownie Fudgie (plan two involved ice cream, but since there is no 'half gallon hard ice cream drive through', plan two was aborted).

Tom, to a Whale of a Dad. Happy Father's Day, you are a great Father to our boys.

To my Dad, Happy Father's Day, I am proud to be your daughter.

And I must confess to my (extremely overwhelming) sadness of the passing of Tim Russert, Happy Father's Day.

Go hug your Dad.

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