Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank You!

Whether friend or coworker, acquaintance or random link, relative by blood or marriage, Thank you. I have had so many kind words and well wishes. You and Etsy has renewed my spirit.

It was a long journey to get this set up and it all started when my cousin Jill said, "Have you ever checked out Etsy? You could sell your stuff on there." Those words still ring in my head.

Jill is younger than me and we both have birthdays near each other and so, would often have one of those "shared" birthday parties with the family. Although I am doing it for my boys this year, I remember not being so fond of it. Mostly at that tender age where I wasn't really a 'cute kid' anymore (thanks, Dorothy Hammill, for making moms think that haircut would be perfect on any head), but Jill was still young and cute and had adorable pigtails that would earn 25 cents per pull from our Uncle (an odd story for a time to come). But now, older, I see Jill as the wise one, the catalyst to get me moving. If I didn't know about Etsy, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to compare my work to other work for sale on the world wide market.

So Jill, thank you. Not only did you start this, but you are one of my most consistent readers, and I am not just saying that because we are related.


I received a post on Etsy requesting that I permit this gal to post the link for one of our Bath Towers on her blog. Any published link is a good published link.

1 comment:

Jill said...

Aww, you're too sweet. I'm not wise, though, I have a terrible internet addiction. ;)

I wonder if I could still make some cash with that pigtail pulling gig? I'll betcha it'd be worth way more than 25 cents, with inflation & all that.
That's more than a little bit creepy, though.

Sorry if I stole your birthday spotlight, but you were always the cool one. I was soo jealous of your Holly Hobbie dolls & your seemingly endless supply of Sweet Valley High books!

Congrats & good luck with your shop, Carrie!