Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Craft: Eric Carle is Awesome!

I really try to rotate craft, art, food, funny, music, shameless self promotion. But I really wanted to share this kid craft with you. Sam was learning about Eric Carle, technique and stories. He saw a video in art class on how Eric Carle creates his illustrations. And Sam said, "I really want to do Eric Carle craft". So, we did. This is simple and fun.

What you need:

10-12 sheets of heavy weight paper/card stock. We did a couple on regular bond paper and they curled, but still worked fine.

Assorted Acrylic paints

Assorted paint brushes or tools for adding texture to paint. We had sponge brushes and bristle brushes. You could use forks, crumpled tissue paper, or Q-tips, anything to bring a cool pattern to the paper.

Scissors, tape or glue dots.

We looked at Brown Bear for inspiration. Each boy drew a little outline of the animal we were going to create. I cut out the shapes for them, and they attached them with scrapbook tape. After the giraffe, Sam cut out the butterfly wings and some of the design by himself. He loved it.

This is such an easy craft and so much fun. Gets their little minds working differently. How to cut a shape out, instead of drawing it flat.

And yes, I loved every minute of it.

Well, except for the cleaning paint off the rug and picking up schniffles of paper.

If you try it, please send me pictures or links to your pictures. (yeah, I'm talking to all of you, even those without kids). Do it.

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