Monday, May 18, 2009

New Trick for Old Head

You have seen pictures like this from me. Over the head at the kitchen table, usually with paint. This time, it is different. Any ideas?

No, not the newspaper vs. the more common plastic bag ripped in half.

No, not the fact that there are pigs and cats and not paper.

Give up?

Check out the paint, kids. Solid colors. Multiple colors but not GRAY BROWN BEIGE concoction that comes with too many pretty colors of paint on the same plate. This momma learned her lesson. Don't get me wrong, anything made by my kids is genius, however, the GRAY BROWN BEIGE color is starting to overpower my home and head.

Trick: One paint color, one tray, one at a time. When pink was done, I rinsed off the plates and brushes and went to the next color. My other key, no longer a need for a rinse bucket that becomes it's own media, Soggy everything.

I know, not brain surgery (or PharmD studies), but it feels like the last frontier. I figured out how to make painting and creating fun for them, and more importantly, fun for me.

The gifts were enjoyed just as any other, but this time, no one had to get past that tragic color.

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