Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Flat Breads (Kind of)

Gluten free baking is hard. There are many things that can go wrong. Slight variations can compromise the entire batch.

Last night was pizza night. I've talked about this before and I told you I found my crust, which I did, Chebe. However, as I was making my dough last night, I was missing the oregano-pizza smell. I realized I opened and successfully mixed a bag of bread dough instead of pizza dough. Not a big deal, but disappointing. Why are both bags green? Help me, Chebe, how about blue?

So after I made my crust, which came out just as well as the pizza mix, I decided to try the Savory Chips. I made mistakes. I didn't add onion to the mix, I used a full egg as wash, not just the whites, and I only had poppy seeds. Thought I had onion flakes at least. Then I put my poppy and onion powder on before the egg wash. Eee gads. But, for the love of Chebe, they came out.

They are delicious (unfortunately I thought plastic wrap would be sufficient and today they are on the stale side). do I use these in my daily or party repertoire. I bet they would be delicious with cinnamon sugar instead of the savory spices.

Thanks Chebe!

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