Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hazy Evening

Week 3.5 at the pool gave a creepy haze over the 7:00 PM sun.  One boy in swim lessons and one splashing away doing tricks.

I was grateful not to have to wear my sunglasses.  As much as I love them, they don't fit correctly.  If I look down, they fall off.  A normal person would take them back to the optical store I purchased them from and have them adjusted.

You see, I went to the wrong place.  I tried the new Stanton Optical on the Boulevard.  They have a wonderful selection of frames and a lovely optometrist and the building is orange, but that's where the joy ends.

The staff is horrible.  The workmanship is rotten.  The sunglasses were late and had a stress fracture in one lens.  My new frames had a stress fracture in the lens.  My new lenses in my old frames were not sitting in the frames correctly.  Every single pair needed fixing.

Too make a long story short, they stink.  The people working there seemed to make excuses and blame other things for their incompetence,  I was treated as if these were my first pair of glasses.

Don't go there.  

For me, I really need the sunglasses adjusted, I shouldn't avoid Stanton out of spite and I can't have my glasses falling in the pool every time I answer the call, "Mom, watch this."

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