Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stacking Up

June first isn't as far away as I thought. Mom gave me the soaps and cloths to set up for the etsy.com shop. I was putting them in piles to make up separate items and then decided I didn't feel like taking the pictures, so just piled them up. INSPIRATION. I thought they looked fun, and accomplished, all stacked up like this.

So, I didn't wake up with $200 in my pocket, but I did get an amazing care package in the mail. I saw this crockpot website (her direct link to the recipe isn't working today) where gluten free bread was made in the crockpot. Gluten Free bread is the driest bread around, but when made in a warm, moist (sorry, Meredith) environment like a crockpot, it keeps its (again, sorry) moistness. I was amazed how this GF bread mix from Whole Foods turned out - in the crockpot. It rises and then bakes, all in the pot - about 3.5 hours. Still good the next day. Good enough to eat un-toasted. This bread definitely stacks up behind "real glutened" bread, but way ahead of any other GF bread I have made or eaten. Kudo's to Whole Foods 365 Brand. I would assume this works with any kind of bread, the idea is that you make the dough as directed for oven baking (no need to let rise), put the dough in the loaf pan, the loaf pan in the crockpot and cover, lid opened a bit. My loaf pan didn't fit (I have a round crockpot - not oval), so I put the bread in a round baking dish, next time, it is going directly in the greased crockpot - no pan.

So, thank you Meredith for the amazing box of Whole Foods treats. You have gone way beyond the requested one mix and some binder clips...thank you thank you.

Buffalo really needs a Whole Foods. And an Ikea. And a Trader Joes.

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Meredith said...

If I knew you were going to descibe the bread as Moist (my least favorite word) then I would not have sent it. jk.