Monday, April 7, 2008

One in the Series

We had another painting session a while back, Little Man's first session. Big Boy was working on a car and LM completed his very first painting of a series of many to come, I am sure. He gets pretty excited when the paints or crayons or markers come out, stressing the medium with such enthusiasum. I love it.

Although I never got a picture of it, (ugh) I made a lap blanket/tissue holder/waste pocket for Grandma. Happy 91st Birthday! She is an amazing lady, such a trooper. Anyway, I made it out of necessity. She balances her tiny tissue box on her lap and then doesn't have any place for the used ones. It came out pretty close to what I envisioned and am thrilled that I could toss around some fabric until I had the idea mapped out in my head. Some might equate this to Procrastination, but not me, or my dad.

I am trying to figure out what my "thing" is. Hoping maybe you can remind me. I dabble in a bunch of stuff and am trying to get to that one or two things that can be what I do, that niche. I want something that I can make multiples of in a somewhat rapid manner, and then take time to make them exclusive (embellishing with _____).

This has turned into a ramble, but I am going to leave it here to come back to again. It is good to get thoughts out there and stew on them a bit. I'd love to hear some comments, but only nice ones, please.

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