Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friday Night Goodnight Show

This blog seems to be bordering on a parenting blog more so than a craft and art blog. So be it.
It also appears that I only have one child when that couldn't be more wrong. It just so happens that the older boy is less interested in my photo taking and home less than this little man.

Last Friday night, while Sam was at soccer practice, O and I were watching Sprout. They had a tambourine craft that O thought was the cat's pajamas. Although he didn't say 'cat's pajamas', it was more, "that's totally awesome, I wish I had one". That was enough for this mom that shot up from that comfy couch to make a craft.

A pantry without beans, still held these rice macaroni that I bought before I found Tinkyada pasta. This stuff needs to soak and cook for what seems to be a full day. They are cheap, though. But not cheap enough to taste acceptable. So...two plates, something to make noise and a stapler. I was informed by a wide eyed boy that I was supposed to use glue to seal the tambourine. Ah...he was paying attention. After he realized he couldn't play with it until the next day, the staples were just fine.

His own decorating makes my heart go putter patter.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) this tambourine and the one the big guy made after he came home from soccer practice, haven't been touched since that night.

And for anyone with a good eye...the cloth that O is resting his tambourine on in the last picture was the very first loom woven item I made. It is a sampler shawl made on a table loom in college. Oh...I remember the beginning of my obsession with weaving with fond memories.

Now, if I would just get off this computer and dress the loom that hasn't been touched in over a year!

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