Friday, February 5, 2010


Gluten Free Bread.
Gluten Free Bread in a Crockpot.
Crisp brown edges.
Like real bread.
(In a crockpot), must always remember to...

coat your vessel with oil or cooking spray.

I didn't mind, it made if feel rustic and homemade. And it was amazing. I ate half of it (or more) the first day. I have one little chunk left for tonight after the kiddos go to bed, because that's my idea of a fantastic Friday night!

I've talked about this bread before right here if you want the specifics. And here is her direct link to 365 Days of Crockpotting

Oh, and all the stuck on-broke off bits, well that makes a great bread crumb or stuffing addition.

There is a new recipe I'm going to try soon for olive bread - from scratch. I'm sure you'll see it here.

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hometown girl said...

ah, the cooking spray! i looks beautiful, and hey it tastes the same, right? hope all is well! susan