Thursday, October 30, 2008

Kindergarten Projects

Most every day.
Pasted, cut, markered, and crayoned.
I love to see what Sam brings home from Kindergarten, but have a hard time sorting it into a keep pile and 'I don't know what happened to that (trash)' pile.
But yesterday, this little hat was adorning Sam's head as he got off the bus. And as he walks, the ears flap up. So cute.
So Clifford.


sandritocat said...

Those ears are adorable!

My son is in 2nd grade now and you should see the boxes in the garage already filled with "art"

kzoriginals said...

very cute! I loved all my daughters projects. i was doing so well in preschool and K. with saving the good stuff and tossing the bad.

now on to first grade, and I want to recycle it all. just all hand writing and math, kinda boring, but i still save it. :) one day she will thank me, right?