Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Naked Bag for Brainstorming

I have been thinking about how to adorn this purse for a week now. I need help. The flap at the top (thing that all of the sudden resembles a tongue) is intended to be the snap. It is going to attach at an angle, closer to the right side. It was too boring down the middle. Problem is...if I use a magnetic snap, then I need to cover it with beads or embroidery. I don't care for sew on snaps. They never come apart and you end up pulling out the stitching before too long.
1. Snap with decoration, if so, what? OR Frog closure??? think Asian inspired.
2. Bead work. I have some shiny black swarvoski/checz glass beads that I wanted to attach. What kind of pattern, placement on the purse? None at all?
Love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Hmmmm, first off, gorgeous purse! Love the colour. I'd go magnetic snap, just because I personally prefer those -- then maybe black beading or embroidery to cover it, and a little swirly design in your black beads off in the left corner to add some balance? Nothing too complicated if the beads are really shiny! Good luck, and please post a pic when it's finished!

  2. I think something large and black or dark chocolate brown would be nice. Not necessarily chunky either - flat would work. Hope that helps :)

  3. like this...

  4. Saw your twitter post. I would use a button closure. Grab a fancy large button - black would look great with this purse. Of course that would mean doing a buttonhole.

    Or use button detailing on the 'tongue' and have some velco underneath to hold it closed.

  5. Hmmmm!
    Does this purse need something black and white on it?

  6. Crap! I so want to sew onto this but I have those goll darn halloween costumes to do. They make me sneeze.
    great suggestions so far! that is two for white...very interesting.

  7. mmmmm...this is a hard one.

    when I look at it I either see a fortune cookie that is dyed red for the holidays or maybe even a slice of pink/redish grapefruit.

    as for how to close it. how about how about making a loop for that little "tounge" as you called it to slide under. Maybe you could find some kind of jute string that you could sew on. Or maybe even a small rectangle shape of metal. ...........lots of ideas, but not sure how to explain them. good luck

  8. I would use a snap and then cover it with a big, decorative handmade button. But then, I might be a bit biased in that department ;-)

  9. Wellllllll, halloween is over, what have you decided to do with this great bag?