Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Banner Part Two

A new dress. (I don't wear dresses)

A new hair color. (Then I would have to keep coloring)

Rearrange the furniture. (My kids do that for me daily)

Some people do those things...I get a new Etsy banner. It was time for a change and my very talented sister in law, Lisa, whipped this up for me. You can see it much bigger and better in my shop . This is my photo of the Weaver Bird- A Blanquilt all folded up.

Lisa has an Etsy shop with a cool selection of black and white jewelry and buttons and is also a with graphic designer and many designs are available through her Image Factory. This multi-talented full time working mom of one uber cute little guy also has a blog, (maybe this will entice her to update it winkwink).

She is super cool and extremely talented. Thanks, Lisa...for all you do for me!
Pretty Posie Buttons from gWhizStudio, available right here...tell her Carrie sent you!


Eileen said...

Very nice new banner!

BTW, I tagged you! See my blog for more info!

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

you are the bestest!! Thanks for the sweet post and the links!

kzoriginals said...

love love the new banner. great work sis! :)