Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pink October Garden: An Oxymoron

What is happening to our climate? Above are my Hardy Pink Cyclamen that didn't have leaves the first two years. But, this year, we have leaves and they are shooting up everywhere! I purchased the bulbs on line and after they didn't leaf or bloom, I got a full refund of another 6 bulbs. I, of course, can't remember where I planted them, but it is like an Easter egg hunt or an I Spy game every day. Very exciting.

Most of you will recognize the simplistic beauty of the Cosmo. I had five or six little plants and this one just doesn't want to quit. I do remember clipping all the dead blooms off as soon as I saw them, wonder if that was the difference.

Have yourself a pink October, it is quite a sight mixed with the browns and golds and reds we usually take the most pleasure in this time of year.

(Half way through Blogtoberfest...only half way?)

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kzoriginals said...

what great photos of the flowers. This time of year has been strange.

hey did you get your little triangle tote yet? I haven't. :( she is from canada and so it may take awhile.