Saturday, October 4, 2008

To Wish List or Not to Wish List


Some cool cats in Etsy just posted about the new feature available through

I know there are haters of the wish list out there, but here is why I love the wish list.
1. I can feel like I am buying just by adding to a list.
2. I don't tell anyone I have a list, so it isn't like I am soliciting gifts
3. For the boys, they enjoy thinking about things and seeing the pictures of them all together.
4. Again, for the boys, family members ask me what they want anyway...why not just use the wish list...
5. It is totally fun!

and 6. Now you can use it for things you want from my shop at Wash My Cloth!

Happy Blogtoberfest, y'all, darn right, Joe six pack (I don't know why I added that - just sounds so funny to me.

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kzoriginals said...

Hi there! Thanks for giving Betsy a great story, I like how you changed it up a bit and added to it. Much better now. :) I am sure she will find a good home.

(funny about the slip and cheating. ha!). thanks again.

and thanks for posting about the wish list button. i think it is a good idea!