Thursday, October 2, 2008

Old Pic, New Thought

Last year, I took Sam to the Pumpkin Fest, he was 4 (this pic is age 3) he went up this jungle gym/slide thing. There were a million kids and two million parents looking for said kids. Well, I didn't technically lose Sam. He went up the stairs through a tunnel and didn't come down. The major design flaw of this play thing was that there were four enclosed tube slides. That came out in different sides of the play thing (I really don't have a word for it, totally hand made). Good for traffic flow, but not so great for a single parent trying to locate their child amongst a million. As soon as he came down the slide, I saw him. So technically he never was lost, just slower than all the others coming down. If you know Sam, this comes as no surprise.

Technically Wash My Cloth isn't lost in etsy world, but it seems as if it isn't being seen. I definitely need to work on my marketing, but without any sales lately, I am having a hard time justifying the expense to advertise. Other than advertising on blogs, websites, etc., there is the free marketing I like to call...wasting time. This includes blogging, reading and commenting on other blogs (not the highly read, because then you are that one kid in a million), and making comments in the forums of etsy. I made a comment in a forum last week and went to a couple blogs through that forum, posted some comments on blogs. The next day, I looked at my views, nothing really increased. I looked at people that marked my shop as a favorite, no new additions. I was quite depressed.

This morning, ready for another lack luster day in etsy world...I got this notification from Sydnei. Please check it out, she also has links to free giveaways...Christmas is coming and if you don't like the giveaway, I bet someone on your list will.

I guess wasting time does pay off.

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