Wednesday, October 15, 2008

To Face or Not to Face

If you have been on Etsy, you probably have seen Etsy's number one seller, The Black Apple. She has also been on Martha Stewart making her dolls. From this link, you can get the pattern for her doll and watch the segment. As far as pattern's go, this is pretty simple. I wanted to try it to get an idea of how she constructs her dolls. Gretchen and I (Carmen watched from the lounger in the family room and asked when dessert was going to be served) each made two dolls. The arms were tough to turn inside out, but the rest was fairly easy. The directions calls for painting the face on AFTER the doll is fully constructed. Yikes.

Now I have these two cuties and am afraid to paint on a face. They already have some issues with unmatched neck and holes in their armpits. Now a face. What if I totally screw up? What if brown hair doll turns out looking like she just got hit by a car? And what if dirty blonde gets made fun of by Gretchen's brown haired cherry wearing doll because her face looks like a Mr. Potato head that was created by a two year old? This is serious. I could potentially waste an entire evening. (It wasn't a total waste, we had this amazing peanut butter cup frozen yogurt. Craving now. Thanks for finally serving us, Carmen.)

I don't want two dolls that can't look at each other, though, do I?
So, do I try it? Or just name them Anna and Lucy and send them off to their new home?


Hello there! My name is June said...

Turning arms can be a real time try using a pair of like a charm for me!

I'd do faces! Even scary ones are less creepy than no faces. You could always draw on a face using a disappearing ink fabric pen...and then paint over that. The 'sketch' lines would fade over 24 hours or so...just leaving your pretty painted face.

Meredith said...

Hi! Why dont you sew on buttons for the eyes and do a very small lip?

Lisa G at G Whiz said...

Get busy with your embroidery skills. The Blanquilt is so beautiful. I would use the same idea with the faces.

kzoriginals said...

well I need to put my two cents in. first of all I LOVE THEM.!!!!

As for a face, that is very hard. I got this great dolly named dottie of etsy for my daughter and she only has two small black felt eyes. And she and many of her friends and others have asked why she doesn't have a mouth (but never ask about nose, eyelashes etc...)? And my answer to that is this: Dotty is a great friend, you can tell her all kinds of secrets and the reason she doesn't have a mouth is so she can keep those secrets to her self. So you tell her what ever you want, and it will always be kept quite.

so.......i say put two little black dots for eyes and call it a day.

here is a link to the doll

potty mouth mama said...

Yes they need faces!! Do it, do it! They are super cute already! Love them, can't wait to see their little faces!