Monday, October 6, 2008

Foot, Pliers and Lost Tooth

It started with a foot. Heel, specifically.
Then a little blood. A pair of pliers as assistance (just someone joking around...)
A lot of wiggling, refusing to eat until it fell out, even if it took 3 days. And then the spittle of a little white tooth falling.
At first I was concerned, but then our dentist (Sunday afternoon, good to have a friend as a dentist) said that it was time. I know kids loose teeth, but my kids are still babies. Well, I guess not anymore. We just didn't prepare for it. No little toothy pillow or box or fairy bell. Just a baggie. And not even a great baggie, no name WalMart baggie.
The tooth fairy takes any vessel.
Today, still in a bit of shock, Sam asked if bread is a good thing for a kid with one tooth to eat.

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kzoriginals said...

How darn cute! they are so amazed at how they loose teeth. lily lost her first tooth only a few weeks ago and she is only 6. She asked me what the tooth fairy does with all the teeth that she gets. I asked what she thought and this is her answer "she takes them to wear babies are made, and she give them to the new babies so they can have teeth someday" how cute was that!